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What does food lovers fat loss system contain?

everybody is talking about it. what is exactly it and what does it contain?

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  1. Tango said :

    What is important in Food Lovers Fat Loss System?

    1. First, the food lovers fat loss system teaches you how your metabolism works. You can also lose weight by learning little about your metabolism in food lover fat loss system.

    2. Carbs are important in this system. Therefore, everybody who wants to benefit from food lover fat loss system should know the difference about carbs and between slow carbs and fast carbs. Through this system you learn eating the same food you are eating now in a way which allows you to loose weight instead of gaining weight. Food lover fat loss system is all about boosting carbohydrate metabolism for loosing fats.

    3. Fat loss can also be stimulated in your body by performing colon cleansing. Juice fasting and enema for cleaning up your colon, which consequently diminish those stubborn abdominal fats are some of these various methods.

  2. K said :

    open this site and u will find the answer…..

  3. miss m. said :

    The food lovers fat loss system contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off. I am always trying one diet or another and I am having tremendous success with the food lovers fat loss system. Your kit contains day by day instructions for the first 21 days. Each day you do something different to help speed up your metabolism. You get a bunch of different easy recipes to try or you can use the food you already have in your fridge and pantry. You also get an easy exercise DVD. After you finish the initial 21 days, you move on to phase 2 which is 28 days. Phase two tells you step by step what to do each day now that you have reset your metabolism. You can eat even more than you could during phase 1 (beleive me, you do not feel deprived during phase 1). I have almost completed phase 1 (21 days) and have lost 9 pounds. I feel great because this diet is almost effortless. I have no doubt that I can find more success during the next 28 days of the program. This means a lot coming from me because I usually don’t last on a diet for more than two weeks.

  4. monoglazc said :


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