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What is Fruta Planta , is that fat loss pills , side effects?

plz help me !

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2 Responses to “What is Fruta Planta , is that fat loss pills , side effects?”

  1. Candice C said :

    Hi, yes it is a fat loss pill and more. It claims to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. I’ve been using it and it does suppress my appetite, I eat less. I’m not over eating. As for boost metabolism, I don’t know. How do you tell. I have lost weight. My first week on my 6th day I weighed myself and I lost 5lbs that week. Now about side effects, I’ve only heard of two popular ones. Dry mouth and sleep deprivation. I guess it would depend on your body. The only thing I encountered was dry mouth for the first 3 days. After that I made sure to drink enough water. It went away. I’ve heard in some cases that the dry mouth only last, for the most 2weeks, then it just fades away. I have heard of people being sleep deprived, but that never happened to me. Like I said it depends on your body. Would I recommend it, yes. It has helped me greatly. I also think it would help out anyone who is trying to lose some weight. good Luck

  2. Mags said :

    I have been taking it for six weeks now and have lost 12 lbs. As for side effects, I had dry mouth for the first week but I just drank a lot of water (which is a good thing) It gives me a lot of energy! I don’t know how I will get along without it now. Occasionally, I have gotten insomnia, so I recommend you take it really early in the morning. If you take it to late you won’t sleep at all that night.
    I never got the nervous shaking and heart palpitations as with most diet pills. At first, my appetite was completely gone. All food just looked, smelled and sounded unappealing. Now, I am just not hungry. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help getting started or a workout boost.
    Good Luck!


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