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What do I make, that is low carb, with leftover, uncooked, cabbage?

I made tasty lean hamburger, tomatoes, and cabbage casserole for dinner last night, and now have a half a head left over.

I need a low carb idea of what to do with the left overs.

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5 Responses to “What do I make, that is low carb, with leftover, uncooked, cabbage?”

  1. whatotherway said :

    Steamed cabbage.

    Cabbage soup.

    Stir fried cabbage.

  2. nettypoo1au said :

    how bout a coleslaw………Coleslaw (or Cole Slaw) is a salad consisting primarily and minimally of shredded raw, white cabbage, although it often includes shredded carrots. There are many variations of the recipe which include the addition of other ingredients, such as shredded red cabbage, pineapple and apple. It is always mixed with a dressing which may consist of or be based on mayonnaise, milk, creme fraiche, vinegar or vinaigrette. A variety of seasoning may be added.

  3. dENISE D said :

    How about a simple, quick kimchee? Lots of recipes in the usual sites.

  4. Lo said :


    or for a new twist – try an asian slaw.

  5. Historyman. said :

    Finely shred cabbage, celery, carrots, capsicums, onions if you wish.


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