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weight..its sooo annoying!!!!!?

okay I’m 170 right now…but sometimes my weight goes up. then the next day its like all the way back down to 170. how come i can get my weight back to 170 so quickly but i cant loose more weight from 170. I’m trying to be 160. then 150. then 140. but its NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!! help! SO MY QUESTIONS are…

1.Why isn’t my weight dropping farther than 170


2.How can i get it to drop to at least 160?

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7 Responses to “weight..its sooo annoying!!!!!?”

  1. me2dumb4college said :

    for one… weight changes throughout the day, so weigh yourself in the morning when you wake up…

    2nd… if you want to lose the lbs, the 2 main factors are diet and exercise

  2. pag2809 said :

    Have you tried using one of the free websites that helps you to track your eating and the calories you burn? I’m sure that you’d find several doing a Google search, but I like You may need to substitute some lower calorie foods or increase your activity level in order to get your weight to drop. If you do the same things for a while your body gets used to them and you hit a plateau, so try something different. BTW, weight fluctuations throughout a day or a couple of days are just a normal part of the digestive process.

  3. amandapandabear81 said :

    I agree weight is annoying!! I hate it myself….but sounds like you are at a plateau. So this means you need to recheck your current diet and exercise program. You may be exercising too much and not eating enough. Or eating to much for your new current weight.

  4. ~*lil jordy*~ said :

    I have the same problem, and weigh the same! I go up and down between 170 and 185.. I havent been doing good lately, but when I used to want to shed off pounds… stop drinking sodas! It will really make you lose 10 pounds.. thenr replace like fries and mashed potatoes with salad..

  5. yeah said :

    start eating less and exercising more

  6. Hannibal the Cannibal said :

    I have a couple questions for you. You can email me if you’d like.

    1. What are you currently eating?
    2. What does your exercise look like?

    My advice is to STOP LOOKING AT THE STUPID SCALE. The scale can’t tell you anything about your fitness level or how good you feel, it is fickle and completely useless.

  7. Kelly said :

    I found this really quick workout that only takes 9 minutes a day. You don’t need any equipment and you can really feel (and see) the results. When you have a minute or two check out The site leaves a little to be desired, but the DVD workout is good.


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