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Why can i only fit like 6 inches in my Vaginaa without it really hurting?

im scared, cuz my bf is like 8 inchess and we’ve been thinkin about sex, but i dont want to be in sooo much pain i cant take it?

is it normal to hurt at 6 inches? or shall i try to fit more in with a dildo?

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6 Responses to “Why can i only fit like 6 inches in my Vaginaa without it really hurting?”

  1. Leie said :

    2-3 inches is normal

  2. babi_j92 said :

    thats normal when your not completely turned on or even if you are your vagina only fits 6 inchs but it differs in different positions. my bf is 8 inches as well and he can fit all the way in me in missionary but it hurts in positions that cause you to go deeper like legs up or doggy style idk. its weird i like it deep in the missionary position but not other position

  3. Randi said :

    It sounds like he’s hitting ‘rock bottom’ the cervix. Try with your dildo but don’t be surprised if that hurts to, you could always try different positions, i know dogie can kill if he’s to big. Hope this helps

  4. you'll see them someday... said :

    you need to be fully turned on, and its normal to hurt at 6 yes, because thats just how your body is made.

  5. Ms. Taurus said :

    Women only go so deep, your have probably hurt because it was ramming your cervix. The average woman’s depth is approximately around the average man’s length. You man is above average so no, all of his won’t be able to go. Which is why extra length is over rated.

  6. Anto said :

    I have 8 inch and at first my girl friend hurt when I pushed to the end of her (only 6-7 inches in at that point), but now we’ve worked out that she just needs lots of foreplay and can take the full length and starts to actually enjoy thehead pusing and rubbing deep inside. your BF might a take a while before you enjoy it, but you’ll start to enjoy it. Ohh yeah definately no doggy or legs up during missionary


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