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teen weight loss?

i am thirteen 5″1 and weigh 125 pounds . i want to loose about 15-20 pounds quickly. i want to look good for swimming season any ideas on how to loose weight quickly like before the begining of june

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5 Responses to “teen weight loss?”

  1. mileycyrusismaidol4eva34 said:

    is there a big park nere were u live go their daily and run around it. at around 4 or 3 or 5 go for a jog every day and go to the gym u should lose it in time

  2. ALBPACE said:

    Since your metabolism is still good at your age. I would run a little bit about two miles or ride a bike and watch what you eat. It should be pretty easy to loose the weight just do it the right way.

  3. Raj'sGenie said:

    Egg whites for breakfast. NO yolk. The whites are high in protein (which also aids in weight loss) and has no fat or cholesterol. Lots of water, no soda at all.
    No fast food, not even grilled sandwishes. Get a subway veggie delite with no cheese and add a fat free sauce like sweet onion.
    Butter,dressing,mayo,ect rarely and only a little and only fat free.
    Portion out your food. Its gard at first but youll quickly get used to being satisfied instead of struffed. If it says 8 …., then count out 8 or even 7. You make more, youll eat more,so make less.
    Fries and stuff like that in your oven only with cooking spray, no oil.
    Fat free yogurt, eat like 3 a day. Also helps speed weight loss.(the calcium that is).
    Skip pizza, at least for a while or order just a slice
    No red meat. And if you can handle it, veggie meats like MorningStar Farms are high in protein and other vitamins and low or no fat and never cholesterol.

  4. SafeGuard said:

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  5. private said:

    weight watchers


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