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Is saturated fat the same or different than hydrogenated oil?

Please tell me what you know about saturated fat and hydrogenated oil. Also, what type of foods should I avoid, so that, I do not eat these as part of my diet?

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2 Responses to “Is saturated fat the same or different than hydrogenated oil?”

  1. shan04 said :

    saturated fat is the bad fat. Its the one solid at room temperature and usually comes from animal fats and is high in cholestrol. Olive oil and other oils are better to use than cooking with butter. eat the unsaturated fats known as the “good” fats and avaid the trans fats and saturated fats. Avoid fried foods, buttery foods, and fast food.

  2. angel <3 said :

    Both saturated fat and hydrogenated oils (trans fat) are bad for your health.
    Saturated fat stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol, therefore these fats increase your cholesterol levels.
    Hydrogenated oils, whether partially hydrogenated or not, look like Crisco shortening. Disgusting, huh? The worst part is that it enters your bloodstream in this hard form, causing you to have a risk of stroke, or blood clots.
    Although saturated fats are eaten everyday by healthy people in any amount less than 20 grams a day, trans fat should be avoided whenever possible because of it’s impact on health.
    Saturated fat is solid at room temperature and is usually found in almost every dense food. Examples include: oils, processed goods, nuts (in small amounts), and butter/margarine. Consume less than 20 grams a day.
    Trans fat is found naturally in whole milk and beef. Because beef is a natural source, you can guess that fast food burgers may have half a gram or so. Choose low-fat milk and lean cuts of beef. Trans fats are usually found in processed foods. Also, just because a food package label reads “No Trans Fat!”, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any trans fats at all. Turn over to the ingredients list and scan to see any ‘partially hydrogenated oils’. These readings will help you determine that the product has less of a gram of trans fat. You may be thinking, “So? It’s not even a gram!” But how much servings of the food are you actually going to eat? There are many factors to look at!
    Eat healthy and take care. <3


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