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Is it worth getting health insurance in the UK?

Ok – I’m here from the States where you absolutely have to have health insurance, but in England – there’s the NHS. All well and good but it takes forever to get an appointment with my GP, and for specialist stuff – like ENT, good clean dentists and the like, it takes forever and it’s damn expensive. So is it worth getting health insurance over here? And if so, which providers are best? Anybody with personal experience, or who just knows the ins-and-outs, let me know.

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3 Responses to “Is it worth getting health insurance in the UK?”

  1. patricia bstarstruck said :

    You should think yourself very lucky that when visiting the UK from America your treatment is free. It is very expensive for us Brits when we visit your country.Yes, there are plenty of private health schemes that will be glad to take your money.
    But, our National Health Service is the best AND free.

  2. Jim C said :

    you’ve answered your own question yes it is worth it for all the reasons you pointed out

  3. Ozgirl said :

    There’s plenty of private health insurance companies – take your pick. BUPA, Patients First – just look on the web. There’s little difference between them. You need to check re dental care – it’s usually an ‘added extra’.

    The NHS is excellent for emergency care.


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