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i’m thinking of getting a dog from a rescue centre, can i get health insurance for it if i havent?

if i havent got its health history, or havent had it from puppyhood i have been told most pet insurance companies dont want to know.

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14 Responses to “i’m thinking of getting a dog from a rescue centre, can i get health insurance for it if i havent?”

  1. Silent Lucidity said :

    Pet insurance is easy to get, and most rescue shelters will help you get it for a good price.

  2. Esmerelda said :

    I don’t think you’ll have a problem. They just want your money.

  3. JR said :

    We give a free 30 days of insurance with the adoption. Check to see if they do.

  4. tjcc4 said :

    Yes you can – just contact Petplan and all they need is the Dog’s age and the breed of the dog!!!!

    We got a black lab from the rescue centre and he is brilliant!!!!

  5. helen p said :

    Of course you can. Thousands of dogs are rehomed from rescue centres every year. You may have to do a full health check first and submit it to the insurance company but there is no reason for them to turn you away. Don’t always believe what people say, make a couple of calls, I’m sure it will be fine.

  6. misskitti7® said :

    yes infact because the home as a registered vet it will have a clean bill of health when you get it and you will find this will help you
    kind regards x Kitti x

  7. howldine said :

    It’s called Shelter Care. You can get info. on it from Petfinder: Our shelter gives the first month free. Then you just extend the contract. Thank you for adopting a shelter dog and saving a life! XXXOOOXXX

  8. lunchbox said :

    yes;I had a mongrel from a rescue home,and they had a 1 month insurance on her.I just paid the monthly premium since then,and its saved me about £2000 in injections,X-Rays,and other treatment(she has arthritis)

  9. Agenoria said :

    I would ring up an insurance company and ask them. They are the people who would know.

  10. blessed1 said :

    ASPCA sells pet insurance. Check out there website.

  11. JENNIFER M said :

    total rubbish hun i have a rescue rottwieler
    she is one yearold i have no details about her only she was nearly battered to death,you can get insurance hun no probs xx

  12. begtan51 said :

    Didn’t even think of that! Very recently searched for insurance for my new rehomed dog, but was never asked that question. By the way, its worth shopping around. It may be cheaper, but don’t ever consider 12 month only policies. You don’t know the life the dog has had up now, including how it was fed. Last adopted dog developed diabetes within a few months. Thank goodness for insurance, ‘cos the vets bills mounted up over time!

  13. Storm Chaser UK said :

    When my mum got her GSD insured all they wanted to know was basic details. They weren’t bothered by health history. Her b**ch was rescued from a puppy farm so no-one knew her medical history. Insurance won’t cover the cost of neutering or vaccinations and you’re likely to have to pay an excess, but it’s still worthwhile getting insurance. I’m getting a rescue cat on Saturday and as soon as I know the sex and date of birth etc, i’ll be getting it insured.

  14. frances w said :

    Hello there, I bought my dog from a rescue centre, He was 4 months old when i bought him, no paperwork on his background, all i know about my lovely friend is that he was the last of a litter and he was sent to the rescue centre.

    One month after purchasing my dog I took out pet insurance, I live in Edinburgh Scotland, I have taken out the Pet Plan Insurance, Most Pet Insurers will comply as long as the dog isn’t 8 yrs old or over, hope this info helps, xx


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