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Is it Safe To Get Pregnant If I Am Over 35?

Many women are concerned about becoming pregnant after the age of 35. Studies have shown that those who were born to mothers above this age were at significant risk for having birth defects, such as Down’s syndrome. However, this may be misleading. The principle behind this belief is that as the woman’s body ages, it becomes less fit to bear the rigors of pregnancy. The eggs, which have been present since birth, are older now and more prone to mishaps in the chromosomes. In addition, there are more complications that may be experienced as a woman ages.

Most doctors say that the ideal age for a woman to get pregnant is between 20 and 30 years old. As women wait longer, there are more risks involved. Remember that there is no actual cut-off point between 35 and below for pregnancy. The bottom line is that women who are older may have to face more risks. For example, a pregnant woman who is 45 will definitely run the risk of complications than a woman who is 35. Likewise, the pregnant woman who is already 35 may be facing more risks than a 25-year-old pregnant woman.

This belief may have stemmed from statistical findings that women who gave birth when they were 35 years old and above were more likely to develop blood clots inside the lungs when she is in labor or near delivery. There is also more likelihood for the child to develop Down’s syndrome. The risk increases as the woman ages each year. A woman who has reached 40 years of age have a greater likelihood of miscarriage. There may also be significant problems in conceiving, and blood pressure might rise during pregnancy.

Pregnancy might also be a more difficult time for women over 35. They are prone to experience fatigue, as well as morning sickness. In addition, running after children and cleaning up after the mess may be more physically taxing for older women.

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