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Is it healthy and allright to skip my placebo birth control pills?

i dont want to get my period at the time its scheduled to come next month…can i skip my placebos? is it healthy? will it mess my cycle up?

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5 Responses to “Is it healthy and allright to skip my placebo birth control pills?”

  1. Jonesy! said :

    arent they just made of sugar or something? they do absoutely nothing to your body hence the name ‘placebo’

  2. jeanimus said :

    A placebo is given in place of real medicine, its a dummy so to speak. If you genuinely have a placebo birth control pill, then you have no birth control at all.

  3. x_vodkafairy_x said :

    yeah you can skip them, (just the 7 placebo ones, you must take the other 21) they are just there so you know what day you are on if you have one for each day, you can simply chuck it out, or take it..doesnt really make a difference, unless it contains loads of calories or something lol

  4. dancer said :

    it ok to do that, a lot of people do that. ive done it in the past as well. you just wont have your period this month thats all. just start taking the first row of a new pill pack right after you finish the last week in your old pack

  5. britchick said :

    how can you be taking placebos as birth control ????
    no that im a doctor but placebos are used in experiments as they dont contain any of the actual drug who prescribed you placebos and why …?
    I have heard of something where the dosage in the pills varies each month with higher or lower doasges , however if technically for whatever reason they are only placebos in you packet for a given time of the month , then technically they cannot mess up your cycle as they dont contain anything anyway……so even if you take them they dont contain the drug you have been prescribed so you cycle shouldnt differ thats the way i see it anyway .


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