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I really want to improve my appearance over the summer?

I have dark brown hair that goes about 6 inches past my shoulders I have dark brown eyes light skin
I’m 5’2 and weigh (my highest ever) 116!!! I have pretty decent white teeth.

My hair is angled but I have no layers what so ever.
I really want to come home from the summer and blow away everyone, I want to really make my appearance better this summer….any ideas? Also, how do you loose weight quickly?
Thank you so much!!!!!

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2 Responses to “I really want to improve my appearance over the summer?”

  1. Rei P said :

    hair – side bangs, layers, if you wanna dye it lighter, go for it. dont use heat on it, it will damage the hair
    face – try some coverage makeup (not too heavy) its summer! you dont want a pack of cakey makeup on
    weight – i really dont think youre fat, but try eating healthy vegetables, maybe run around the block every morning, and be active. dont sit there and watch tv all the time (which i dont think you do)


  2. GamerChick said :

    116 lbs isn’t heavy. Especially not for your height. Don’t worry about it :]

    Just exercise frequently, going for daily jogs can do wonders for your weight and cardiovascular system. Try to keep up your appearance in every way possible; brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, use a face cream, get frequent manicures, facials, etc. If you want a more permanent change, get your hair dyed or highlighted ^.^

    Good luck , have fun 😀


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