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Big changed over summer, tips?

Things I’m doing this summer:

– New body
– Ears pierced
– Get hair really long, then cut it into layers
– New make up style
– New clothes
– Try not to get any darker haha

Can anyone give me some new make up tips? I have really dark skin, it’s more of the medium/tan skin. It’s real dark. I need it all from, eyeshawdow, lip gloss, eye liner, to the color of mascara. Also, any tips on how to loose weight quickly? & Any, on getting my hair to grow quickly? I have really nappy, thick, curly hair, which is about shoulder length. (I straighten it).

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One Response to “Big changed over summer, tips?”

  1. tammy said :

    Feel hot in your own skin. No need to worry about skin darkening or weight issues unless its also a health issue.

    MAKEUP: use metallic colours, wet w/ sponge as necessary (these colours show up best and look *hot*)


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