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How to make cartoon running sound effect?

I want to add a cartoon running sound affect to a cartoon clip I produced, but I don’t know what the original Foley guys did to make it. It’s that sort of plasticky, thumping sound you hear when characters run or walk fast. It’s a common cartoon sound: The early Simpsons used it and it was heard a lot in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the early ’60s to present. Does anyone know how I can duplicate that sound?

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One Response to “How to make cartoon running sound effect?”

  1. Archer said :

    Grab some cups (or any other stuff with better thumping sounds) and face their opening down (if you’re using the cups) and start thumping so that the microphone can record the thumping for your animation. I don’t know how to “copy” copy the running sound effects from the cartoon shows, but at least you made your own.


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