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is running on the spot same as running on treadmill?

i am on a budget to keep fit. i was wondering if running on the spot at home has the same effect as running on treadmill?

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6 Responses to “is running on the spot same as running on treadmill?”

  1. Hanna said :

    Yh its pretty much the same. But you should go for real runs outside cos thats much better and probably a lot better for you as your outside and plus its probably more fun than running on the spot at home because running outside gives you more motivation.
    Good luck xxx

  2. Geo said :

    No running on the spot is unfortunately no substitute for running on a treadmill. I would suggest running outside but if that is not possible i think u can still run in place but with some weights and making sure that when u run in place u bring ur knee higher so that u do more work thus burning more calories. Hope this helps

  3. trkmonkee said :

    I would imagine probably not. For one you are going to use different muscles on a tread mill to propel yourself forward. You can usually alter the incline on a tread mill to make it harder.

    I would suggest you could try stair running (be careful!) and/or hill running. I would advise you contact a running club or shop for advice on getting the right footwear. This can depend on how far you wish to run and how often. The correct running shoes are very important as they can prevent serious injuries.

  4. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    The 2 are slightly different and use different muscles.

    One of the important things with fitness is to increase your breathing and heart rate – which running on the spot will do, however road running will have more of an effect – the wind resistance and hills will work you harder than a treadmill can and running on the spot.

    If you can I would advise road running, have you got a friend who might be able to join you for a jog and a chat? Pick a nice route – from yuor front door or where you can get a bus or train to and go from there, try to make a jog last half an hour (so its worth changing and showering and stuff – so the jogging takes longer than preparing for it and changing afterwards)

    But running on the spot can help with your fitness

  5. shmang said :

    No, it is not. Because you are not doing toe push off when running in place.

  6. Tom B said :

    No, because you are not pushing your body when you run on the spot. You are not pushing forward is what I mean.


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