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How long would it take to loose 60 lbs [naturally]?

I’m not sure how much I weigh now after all of the Christmas treats but I would guess around 218 lbs? I’m 5’6, female, 18 y/o. So cliche, I know but I want to lose weight in this next year. I’m sick of being fat and I’m pretty determined to get down to a healthier ~160 lbs. I tone up fairly fast but I don’t loose weight quickly. I usually gain then slowly lose. I would be walking for about 30-45 minutes 6 nights a week and doing a little arm work with light weights, some pushups, situps, and Cardio Pilates 3 days a week. Does that sound reasonable? And how long will it take to get down to 160lbs. following that exercise plan? I will also be watching proportions and sweets.

Eventually, I’d like to be 120lbs. but I want to set myself a more attainable goal for right now.
And will I have to worry about excess skin once I lose all my weight?

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3 Responses to “How long would it take to loose 60 lbs [naturally]?”

  1. Voice Of Experience said :

    Give yourself an 8 to 10 pound a month window. That’s a healthy rate that will give you lasting results without starving. Try 1500 calories a day along with your exercise routine and you should be doing well. Remember this is a lifestyle change not a diet plan so you’ll be sticking to this for the rest of your life. Make those 1500 calories a day really count with healthy food choices. Once you get into the healthy lifestyle habit the weight loss will take care of itself..good luck

    edit: If you lose your weight sensibly, your skin will have time to adapt and it won’t be a problem…
    (I was once 240 pounds so anything is possible with dedication and knowledge)

  2. icequeengambler said :

    Try an online support group which will encourage you and help keep you on track with your diet. Try

  3. Toning Girl said :

    To lose weight naturally, the combo of exercise and eat healthy is the tried and true method……

    Your current exercise routine looks OK to me.

    As for the diet, cut down on carbs intake – this is the “killer” food that makes you fat……surprising, huh?

    This is because if you eat too much of it, your body may not be able to convert all of it into energy (hence burn it off) and will store part of it as FAT…….

    You may also become insulin resistant – your cells won’t accept additional sugars (i.e. carbs). When this happens, it initiates a further release of insulin from your pancreas, leading to even higher insulin levels in your body.

    High insulin levels will usually cause fat deposits to settle in your mid-section – you get thick in the tummy, waist and thigh…..

    So, cut down carbs, by all means…..

    Eat lots of fruits & veggies, lean protein, low-fat stuff (avoid saturated fat and trans-fat, by all means) and high fiber food and drink plenty of water.

    Here’s a guide on how to eat right to lose weight:

    If you consistently keep to the exercise and eat healthy combo, you’ll lose 1 -2 lb of fat (weight) per week. This is the healthy way to lose weight, naturally.

    Go by this, you’ll lose 60 lbs in about 8 -10 months, give & take….

    Not bad at all.


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