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How long would it take to lose fat read?

I work out which I lift weights then go home and run a mile and Ima kinda big but now Ima starting to eat good and less does that help out alot and would there be results in couple of months Like I wanna lose fat and get my deffinition

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2 Responses to “How long would it take to lose fat read?”

  1. Armed-midlo said :

    yea. your workouts are good. probably 4-8 months till you see great results.

  2. Ivan said :

    Yes, do that but rememeber eat small portions every 3 hours. Dont forget to eat breakfast! I eat 2 bananas before I go to school like around 6:00AM. Also dont eat after 7PM becuase all the food will stay in your stomach becuase you wont be able to use the energy becuase you will be sleeping. I eat around 1200 calories so keep your budget above 1200 calories but below 1600 calories. So once agian SMALL meals every 3 hours with a breakfast! (this helps metabolism stay active so it helps burn fat!) but DONT eat after 7pm at night! (so that food doesnt turn into fat!). Good luck any more questions you can email me or update your question.


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