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How long will it take to loose 20 pounds if I eat like this?

Lunch:Cereal or a very healthy salad
Dinner:A sweet potato and some salad

Will Im loose weight quickly?I mean eating this as well as exersisng of course.

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11 Responses to “How long will it take to loose 20 pounds if I eat like this?”

  1. Ashley K said :

    That is SOOO unhealthy. Why all the cereal? You aren’t eating enough food, and you aren’t getting any nutrients. You have to eat more then some leaves and CEREAL!!
    LOTS OF IT!!!

  2. thknuvu said :

  3. jellybaby said :

    i don’t think it is really enough
    calories (estimate)
    -breakfast: cereal – with milk about 150 calories
    -lunch: cereal or healthy salad – about 150 calories
    -dinner: sweet potato and salad – about 200 calories
    this adds up to 500 calories
    i don’t think that this is enough
    you need to eat 1000-1500 calories if you are on a diet and want to lose weight safely. after a while your metabolism will slow down greatly, and when you eat more you will put on weight

    you should also include other nutrients and foods like protein, dairy (iron and calcium)
    if you are not a vegetarian include lean meats like turkey and chicken as well as low fat cheese and skimmed milk

    you should eat lots of fish because they contain nutrients unique to fish

    if you are a vegetarian try pulses such as lentils and beans, and you could have eggs too

    it is important that you include protein in your diet, and calcium as well

    you are also lacking fresh fruit and apart from salad you don’t have many vegetables either!

    lastly, you should have whole grains like brown bread and brown rice.

    if you do your diet you may lose 2-5lbs in the first week (depending on your current weight) but then the weight loss will slow down to 1-2lbs a week.

    good luck

  4. jugglaman said :

    That doesn’t sound too healthy actually. Your body is probably going into starvation mode because it’s not getting everything it needs.

    I lost 24 pounds so far on this program I’m on. It’s a 9-day cleanse and it works. It’s not a diet because you’re getting everything your body needs. I’d be glad to tell you more about it and my whole experience with it if you’re interested or checkout my web site I made: my contact info is at the bottom.

  5. prettyinpunk said :

    well yes but try getting more of a variety of food your body wont gain any muscel weight that you lost in fat so with that dinner try eating some grilled chicken in that salade and switch up the potatoe every other day with a apple or some type of fruit and have a snack in between those meal like a fresh fruit smoothie and and a “open faced sandwhich” an open faced sandwhich is a sandwhich with only 1 slice of bread because bread has many calories also try not eating past 6 pm this will burn up to 1500 calories if you eat something you have not planned on eating force yourself to swallow a tea spoon of tobasco sauce you wont crave sweets after that….good luck=D

  6. jfmn24 said :

    WHEN YOU EXERCISE YOUR BODY REQUIRES MORE ENERGY TO ENABLE IT TO WORK HARDER. IF YOU EAT LESS CALORIES THAN NORMALL AND YOU WORK HARDER YOU WILL LOSE MUSCLE AND IMPORTANT FATS FROM YOUR BODY. EAT HEALTHY FOOD BUT DONT GO HUNGRY. EXERCISE FOR AT LEAST 40 MINS EACH SESSION DOING ROWING CYCLING SWIMMING OR RUNNING. DONT GO ALL OUT JUST NICE AND STEADY. Work at a pace so that you can speak 8-10 words all in one breath without gasping for air. Once you have determined that you are exercising at the correct pace and intensity, check your heart rate with the use of a heart rate monitor. Whatever the heart rate monitor reads, this will be your target heart rate for the next 14 sessions.



  7. D D said :

    Are you doing the “Special K” 2 bowls of cereal a day diet? It can’t be all that bad for you, good luck.
    You will loose weight with this kind of diet. BUT you will also gain most of it back (if not more) when you stop eating this way. So be prepared to have some sort of back up plan to maintain the weight you will have lost.
    Try weight watcher’s – it’s easy to follow and you aren’t limited on many foods.

  8. Fiona said :

    i guess its ok.. depending on what type of cereal u are eating, and make sure its skim milk.
    i take it you don’t eat meat? you need to eat some nuts or tofu to get soem protein in there or you’ll just be hungry all the time.
    also take a powerful B12 supplement because its the only vitamin you can’t get unless u eat animal products. plus it gives u energy and speeds metabolism…great for ppl who work out.

    PS: you will lose weight more quickly if you opt for a high fibre cereal for breakfast with skim milk. some sort of whole grain bread or wraps with veggies for lunch…and then plenty of veggies and protein for dinner. yo should also be snacking in between meals on apples, nuts, whole grain crackers, veggies or things like that.
    the potatoes and cereal are too carby … you they will just turn to sugar if not burnt off.
    good luck !

  9. advicefromdeb said :

    You should definitely lose 20 pounds quickly on that skimpy amount of food and if you include aerobic exercise, like walking or something, as part of your daily exercise. Probably lose 20 pounds in about a month maybe. I recommend walking 3 hours for one hour a day, But I don’t recommend that diet. Just eat a sensible, healthy diet, keep your calories at 1,000 or less, depending on your age of course and your activities, and you’ll lose the weight and keep it off. If you eat like that it might make you sick and you will gain it back once you start eating normally again.

  10. sleepyguy said :

    Don’t do that. That diet looks very bad for your health. Here is a better solution eat 4 meals a day, but small ones. This way your body’s metabolism will increase and won’t slow down because you aren’t eating enough. I also noticed that your diet doesn’t have any things really high in fiber. Soluble fiber will keep you full longer because it absorbs water. Eating cereal that is high in sugar and low fiber causes you to get hungry very quickly

  11. Ginette G said :

    Sorry, no.


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