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How can i prepare for a bleep test this week?

I have a fitness test (bleep test) on Sunday. How can I best prepare this week? Been running regularly on treadmill for the last few weeks.

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One Response to “How can i prepare for a bleep test this week?”

  1. RugbyGamer said :

    i think your best option is maybe starting to lower your run time during this week, as you want to be getting your rest, and u definatly do not want to be getting an injury after all the exercise you’ve been doing. Maybe even try not doing as much sport, and then giving a try at your own beep tst at home, just so you have the experience.

    You will also want to have a good night sleep maybe starting 3 nights before the beep test. This will relax your muscles and maximise your peformance for the day of the beep test. You should also take powerade to re-hydrate you and if possible have a powder labeled “Ultra Muscleze” this will help your muscles recover extremely well and will almost definatly impact on you beep test.

    Also a quick thing is to do stretches on the day, make sure they are actually warmed up and not just stretched.


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