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i need tips on getting fit-i have a year maybe more…?

i have a year to get fit before i try to go to college to be a garda which i need to pass a fitness test please how do i sixteen now and am really unfit so i want to begin but lose energy too fast.

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2 Responses to “i need tips on getting fit-i have a year maybe more…?”

  1. Roca said :

    Go for runs is a great way in losing weight, as well as doing daily exercises such as, squats (3 reps of 10-20), lunges (3 reps of 10-20), sit ups, push ups. Side crunches on both sides.
    Watching some cardio videos off of youtube. Just look up cardio work outs and look for ones that show the full twenty minutes or ten mintues. Not just the exercises cause you might lose track.
    Eat healthy.
    It depends what kind of fitness work on I guess. There are different exercises for different toning methods.

  2. Olivia said :

    Two years ago I began running (as I was slightly overweight) and I’ve never looked back. I took it step-by-step (excuse the cheesy pun) and gradually got fitter and fitter. Now I do running on a competitive level and have won several races; it has been a personal development and I’m proud that I took the courage to get started. So, you should too – really go for it and of course you don’t have to do running, but you will get fit quick! They are lots of options but you must keep ‘high-intensity interval training’ in mind at all times. You can do HIT on a bike, running, playing squash, etc.
    Anyway, I genuinely wish you all the best with getting fit – you can do it! 🙂


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