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How can I help my boyfriend stop smoking?

Hi guys…I want to help my boyfriend stop smoking but I have no idea where to start…Is there something that he can do? A patch that he could try? Which one will give him some results?

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3 Responses to “How can I help my boyfriend stop smoking?”

  1. Shane said :

    Well, I am a smoker too. A very heavy smoker.
    I tried almost everything.
    From patches to chewing gum.
    I came across ‘E cigarette’ which means electronic cigarette.
    I bought this about 2 weeks ago
    and it really works, it is just like the real cigarette but not harmful to him or people around him.
    Its the best way to quit smoking, my mates have used it & quit.

    It cost about 29£
    I have given you a link to where you can it buy from.
    Hope this helps.

  2. woman 2 said :

    you can’t make him stop smoking….he’s his own person and will stop when HE IS ready. don’t be such a mother hen.

  3. Melo said :

    I took a class on smokeing-prevention and stopping a smoker… Never leave him. Throw the cigs and everything away. Keep him ocupied so he won’t feel the need to smoke. Tell him , “hey, make a goal. no smokeing for 1 day”. If you say “hey, no smokeing for 1 month” That will dis-courage him. If he makes it for 1 day then tell him to go again and say “good, try to get through another day without smokeing”… If you are really haveing problems, then go COMPLETELY cold-turkey. (that means no smokeing, no thinking about it, fantisizing, NOTHING that relates to smokeing..

    good luck.


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