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How can I help my cousin stop smoking?

He’s 17 years old. He started smoking over the summer to lose weight, and now he’s addicted and can’t stop. He says he wants to stop, and I want to help him. Getting rid of all cigarettes in his house isn’t an option because both his parents smoke. (I’m not sure whether or not they allow him to do it.) I don’t live near him; I only see him during holidays. What can I say to him or do for him to help him break the habit?

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8 Responses to “How can I help my cousin stop smoking?”

  1. KRIS A said:

    there isn’t really anything you can do… he smokes and he is the only one that can want to quit, then he will. and not one second before, no matter what you say!!!

  2. gee! said:

    take him to one
    of those places
    where they help you
    with drug addictions

  3. Gluteus Maximus said:

    Tell him to quit “just for the health of it”

    Do you know the difference between a new car and a beat up clunker? Two packs of cigarettes a day! That’s about $300 a month he could be spending on a nice car. And it’s only gonna get more expensive!

  4. ProudMomof3 said:

    He has to want to. The only thing you can do is not hassle him if he continues. This could take time. So be patient with him.

  5. Jan C said:

    tell him that when he is smoking is is not only killing himself but the ones that he loves

    hope this helps

  6. boxerbrief/boxer dude said:

    Nothing really you can get the patch or some stop smoking things to hopefully help.

  7. ninjasword said:

    i think you should google how to stop smoking

  8. Martina R said:

    you got to want to stop ive been trying , its very hard , tell him he’ll have heart proplems like me if he continues (


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