How can I help my fiance stop smoking?

My fiance has been smoking on and off for probably 15 years. He’s successfully quit a few times, only to eventually end up smoking again. He smokes about half a pack a day right now. He knows how much I can’t stand it because I don’t want to lose him to cancer or heart disease in 20 years, but this doesn’t seem to deter him enough. He wants to stop, or at least he says so, and he has tried the gum and the lozenges with a little success, but he doesn’t seem completely motivated (sometimes he’ll choose the cigarette over the lozenge, for example). What can I do to help him stop for good? Do you have any ideas, or ways that you’ve helped someone stop smoking?
He hates fixing stuff up around the house, unless it’s a comuputer heh… but I could keep his hands busy with a video game.. thanks for the idea.

I think he also likes the social aspect of smoking, which is an even harder thing to break imo…

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4 Responses to “How can I help my fiance stop smoking?”

  1. Oscar Himpflewitz said:

    ~You can’t. It’s a personal choice. If and when he truly wants to quit, he will. One simply just stops.

  2. Woodworkingmenace said:

    Once he stops, then GET HIM BUSY!!!

    You have to “break the cycle” of “hand to mouth” routine. By keeping him busy, you will be doing him a favor, and yourself a favor.

    For one thing, buy him some tools and have him repair stuff around the house. This will make him think you “really love him” (As any woman who would buy a man a tool is the BEST TYPE OF WOMAN!!!) 🙂

    Then, get him busy doing those “little projects” you always wanted to get done.

    Now, dont get him started drinking beer, for the cigarrettes, or it will be another addiction that will be hard to stop!! Give him some Gatoraide, or Soda (if you give soda, make SURE you drink one glass of water for every glass of soda you drink, as the soda will turn your body acidic and cause teeth deterrioration and other health problems).

    I wish you well..


  3. Lady Sarah said:

    I feel your concern I am engage to a 25 year old male with a history of heart problems and diebetes in his family. He is over weight and does not exercise regularly.However made a pact with each other. I am trying to get pregnant and we have made a promise to quit smoking,eat right, and excercise daily with each other. We have changed our diet. ( we did consult a dietican before doing this) and we are both now on a 2,000 cal diet. we have both cut down to a half a pack a day and started jogging. until a week ago we were having trouble cutting down more. Then ben caught a bad stomach virus and i kept smoking like a freight train he asked me to step out side. i smoked his last pack of ciggeraites and he has not bought another pack since. he could not handle smoking a ciggeraite while he was sick. See if your hunny is the same way. it might be the key. Hypnosis Ive heard works as well. but it just aggervaited the stew out of benjamin

  4. playdude said:

    Hit him with an ashtray, in the testies


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