How can I help my friend stop smoking?

She recently turned 18 and she has been smoking for two years now. She told me that she used to smoke a cigarette or two a month, but then she began to smoke more often. She is not a heavy smoker, but she smokes 1 or 2 cigarettes a day. I keep telling her to quit smoking before it becomes too late. She told me that she wants to stop smoking, but she is becoming addicted to it. Now I’m worried that she will smoke more cigarettes a day and then she will not be able to quit. What can I do to help her stop smoking?

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7 Responses to “How can I help my friend stop smoking?”

  1. chalky white said:

    if you want to stop smoking you should jump in the shower that will put the fire out

  2. coldgreyash said:

    If she keeps up she will become a heavy smoker, that’s exactly how I started….. But you can’t help her. My husband smokes only around his friends and no matter what I try I can’t get him to stop – but now he smokes every day at work……

    I only stopped when I was ready to stop – after 7 years and getting sick all the time.
    You can encourage her, you can leave whenever she smokes around you. You can remind her how hard it is to stop…. 2 ciggarettes a day is a lot easier than a whole 20 pack! Just be a good friend – that’s all you can do. The quiting and the motiviation to do it is up to her

  3. sugarlovenugget said:

    if she only smokes 1-2 a day, she really isn’t “addicted”…i smoked a pack and a half a day (approx. 30 ciggies) when i quit.

    there’s not a whole lot you can do, other than support her if she decides to quit. let her know that she can do it – that sort of thing. anything else will probably just annoy her. i used to hate it when i smoked and people would tell me i should quit – i already knew that!

    i quit using chantix…it’s good stuff. been smoke free for over a year now…

  4. <3 Nick Jonas said:

    Buy that gum that stops her from smoking tell her that it’s regular gum. you could also show her a movie (have a movie night) about what could happen to her if she doesn’t stop smoking. my aunt went to the doctors’ and the Doctor said, “if you don’t stop smoking you will die!!!” so after that she finally stopped and she has not smoked for 2 years now!!!!!! good luck!!!


    find out y she use the cigarettes

  6. Mabelline said:

    Sorry, but you aren’t going to be able to help her stop smoking. She has to want to stop smoking for herself. I’m a smoker and it doesn’t matter how many “truth” commercials you see, or how many family members and friends tell you to stop, or how many articles you read, or even how much they continue to rise in price. When I first started smoking cigarettes were about $2.75. Over the years the cost kept rising and rising. By the time they had reached $4, I told myself if they were to be more than $5 I was going to stop. I am now paying $6.50. You have to “want” to do it for yourself. Ultimatums do not work. It’s like that with any kind of addiction. Until that person decides enough is enough they will continue to use those things in which they are addicted to.

    You are a good friend for wanting to help. The best you can do is stick to your non-smoking beliefs and hope that your friend will catch on. All of my friends are non-smokers, they have never tried to convince me to stop, however, they won’t purchase cigarettes for me, or allow me to smoke in their cars or homes. Trust me when i tell you that the inconvenience has made it more difficult for me to smoke and that has led to me smoking less. Ultimately, that is all anyone can do. Good Luck and don’t be too hard on your friend, there are lots of other things people do besides smoke that is bad for their health, but because their habits are visibly known, people are able to voice their opinions in such a public way.

  7. stopsmoking4good said:

    If she wants to quit tell her to visit or e-mail me at


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