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How to get my boyfriend to stop smoking?

My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby (no we aren’t teens). He smokes weed and cigarettes and the smell drives me crazy when I stay with him some nights. How do I show him that this is going to affect our newborn baby in about 3 months. Is it possible to get him to stop smoking for the sake of our baby or is this something he has to stop doing on his own? Any advice please.

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6 Responses to “How to get my boyfriend to stop smoking?”

  1. L said :

    he needs to stop for the baby.

  2. Antithesis said :

    First of all, congratulations on your expecting a baby.

    As an ex-smoker, I can tell you that it is literally impossible to quit smoking unless you REALLY want to do it yourself. You need to make him *want* to quit smoking himself. It needs to be a decision that he makes on his own–otherwise it just won’t work. You can push him in that direction by trying to convince him how it would be better for your family, but bottom line you can’t make him do it. Only he can make himself do it.

  3. I <3 NYC said :

    He has to want to stop smoking. He isn’t just gonna stop. I has to be something within him that wants to change. I’m sure explaining how it’s gonna harm the baby will help pursue him, but unless he wants to, it’s not going to do anything.

  4. jace said :

    It all depends on him.
    it’s really a hard habit to break.

    If he decides to quit smoking try the following:
    look for a hypnotist that can help him quit smoking.
    move to another neighborhood or state for him to have a new perspective and atmosphere in life.

    If he decides to not to quit smoking :
    Leave him.
    don’t expect a bum to run you life.

  5. Ronnie said :

    ask him to go through this e-book.

    you may not like it. but he would definitely like it.

  6. Kelly Walsh said :

    Check out the Stop Smoking Shortcut program, it’s a pretty indepth guide on how to kick the habit in just minutes. I was able to get off cigarettes within 12 hours of using it without any withdrawal symptoms.

    The program is located at:

    Good luck!


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