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How can I get rid of mosquito bite itching ?

Mosquito bites may seem inevitable especially if you live in mosquito-infested areas. To prevent itching that lasts up to several days, you need to act quickly. If you have been bitten by those nasty mosquitoes, you can look for your trusted ointment or cream and rub against the affected area. However, if you forgot to buy your ointments and you have no way of going down the store, household supplies can do the trick.

1) Soap – Get any ordinary soap from your bathroom and rub the entire bar over the affected skin. Some people find ivory soap to work more effectively and instantly than other types of soaps, but any kind would do. Use the soap directly on the skin and don’t wash it off.

2) Toothpaste – Do you remember when your mom places toothpaste on your skin when you’ve been burned to keep the skin cooled? Applying a dab of toothpaste to the mosquito bite also works in alleviating itch.

3) Underarm deodorant – Bet you didn’t know this, but the contents of your underarm deodorant, may it be roll-on or solid, can give cooling effects to a mosquito-bitten skin. Apply just a smear of your deodorant directly on the skin and let it dry.

4) Paste – No, not the kind you use in gluing paper together. Make your own paste by using a mixture of baking soda and water. You can apply this sticky, paste-like mixture on mosquito bites.

5) Aspirin – You can also make paste with aspirin by crushing the aspiring and adding a drop of water to it. After the paste is made, place it directly onto the skin.

If the mosquito bites continue to itch after using these homemade remedies, go to your local drug store and get your trusted creams. Most of these remedies also work for fleabites.

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