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loss of fat causing saggy skin?

hi! i’ve heard stories of ppl having saggy skin after losing fat and some of my friends get stretchmarks after they when mad at the gym. so does weight loss result in saggy skin? i know that the skin is stretched at places w/ fat, so how to prevent it from sagging after weight loss?
PS. how do i prevent fat loss from boobs as it will cause them to sag?

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One Response to “loss of fat causing saggy skin?”

  1. hot ass said :

    well Ive had a baby so you can probably I’magine how far the skin stretches whilst your pregnant if you see pregnant women, and after i had my daughter my belly went saggy and so now im gonna have to get a tummy tuck to get a flatter stomach and plus I’m skinnier now to before i woz even pregnant so it looks even worse all i can suggest is surgery.


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