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Does honey and cinammon really work for weightloss?

Do I have to use unpastureized honey or does any type (pure) honey work? I only want answers from people who have actually tried it

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4 Responses to “Does honey and cinammon really work for weightloss?”

  1. Bob said :

    So you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, rather than the truth you already know?

    Skip the gimmicks and eat right and exercise.

  2. Tekki said :

    Cinnamon can help stop your body from storing fat.

  3. dave said :

    Yeah, eating lots of sugary, high calorie honey will make you lose weight?

    You don’t want to hear the truth, you just want a miracle.

  4. Kayley said :

    Eating honey and cinanmon will not make make you lose weight on it’s own.

    If you ate 500 calories worth of honey and cinamon and then burned off 600 calories. You’d lose 100 calories of weight.

    That’s how it works. There isn’t food that will make you lose weight. It’s impossible. ANything you consume (other than water) will make you gain weight.


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