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Does anyone get headaches when dieting?

I have tried dieting a lot of times, and I enjoy eating healthy food that is prepared well and that’s tasty. Only problem is that I get the most terrible headaches, and I feel like I’m running on empty. Has anyone else had this problem, and does it go away eventually?

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12 Responses to “Does anyone get headaches when dieting?”

  1. Brittany Ellison said :

    no. because i’ve never dieted.

  2. Mr Glenn said :

    You’re not eating a balanced diet

  3. DEBS A said :

    Headaches usually means dehydration. Try drinking plenty of water. Good luck with the diet!!

  4. Tara Fabulous said :

    No it does not go away. Find lower calorie foods to fuel yourself rather than not eating at all. Six small meals is better than three bigger ones.

  5. Geneddly said :

    I have had terrible headaches while dieting. It’s awful. It never went away on me until I quit dieting.

  6. honey said :

    if yr getting headaches maybe its because of the diet yr on. read tips on weight loss and dietary needs on this site to help you better

  7. A G said :

    yes i have the same problem i am currently on the weight watchers diet and although i have lost a stone i still get the headaches. i asked the instructor and she said your body is adjusting to the new foods and lack of sugar, also even though i was eating the points i still felt hungry. the instructor said this is normal but it does make sticking to it harder i have now been on it 5 weeks and it doesn’t get any easier. good luck and if you find a way to stop it please email me

  8. writergirl said :

    u need glucose in your system. ur not eating enough. oranges are a good choice, the nautral glucose keeps your sugar levels up so u wont get a headache and the citric acid helps in weight loss. also drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water. also make sure u eat enough…. at least 1200 calories a day for a week or so they jump up to 1500, you’ll still loose weight. if your calorie intake isnt high enough not only will you loose no weight but you’ll be sluggish and have those headaches. if your not eating enough your headaches wont go away.

  9. lululoopy said :

    Yes I normally do when I’ve just started the diet. It takes a while for your body to adjust to eating less. If you are doing a diet you need to make sure its a healthy diet and you are still getting enough calories to function properly.

  10. minerva said :

    the headaches could be withdrawal from caffiene, reaction to a food, not eating enough or just ‘detox’ effects. it should wear off after three days but any longer and you could have a food intolerance or blood sugar problem. have a chat with your gp or practise nurse.

  11. catwomanfitness said :

    The headaches are caused by the lowering of the bodys blood sugar.. usually eating some fruit like an apple helps to rebalance it. Fruit is better than chocolate as it is a natural sugar.

  12. ice u said :

    Yes most people do, try drinking lots of water . good luck.


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