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Do I need to get tested for smoking to get health insurance?

Im not a smoker but I can have the occasional cigarette with friends

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11 Responses to “Do I need to get tested for smoking to get health insurance?”

  1. wartz said:

    It would depend on the policy of the insurance company.

  2. liquidator01uk said:

    Very few companies will insist you get tested – they’re more likely to get you to complete a declaration about your health and habits.

    If you lie and then ask them to fund treatment for something caused by anything you lied about they wouldn’t cover you.

    End of the day, all you’re likely to do is pay higher premiums if they’re bothered that you have the occasional smoke

  3. Wendy S said:

    Whether they test or not (which depends on the company), you have to be honest. Even a few cigarettes occasionally make you a smoker for insurance purposes.

    You must be honest because if they find out later that you are a smoker they can deny your claims, even if the claim isn’t related to your smoking. It’s called a “material misrepresentation”, in that if they would have known they would either have not issued the policcy, or issued it at a higher rate, if not for your misrepresentation that you were a non-smoker.

    Then you would be stuck paying medical bills out of your pocket, which is a very risky endeavor.

    The good news is that if you quit completely and stay away from cigarettes for a year, many companies will re-calculate your rates.

    Good luck!

  4. Steve B said:

    They will be only too happy to take your Premiums .. and won’t questions anything UNTIL you claim … then they will go through every medical record they can find in an attempt to wriggle out of paying ….

    PS “the occasional cigarette with friends” means you are a smoker = even if it’s only one cigarette a week .. I suggest you decide to give up RIGHT NOW .. then you can put yourself down as an ‘ex-smoker’ ..

  5. Christa said:

    the insurance company that i work for doesn’t require such a test!

  6. ღWifey Wifeyღ said:

    I sell life insurance and we do the test right in my office. But niccotine only stays in your system for 12-48 hours, so you’d probably pass.

  7. liorio1 said:

    There is no test currently in use. You will be asked if you smoke and you should be honest and say the occasional 1 or 2 per week or whatever. You will not be disqualified for insurance purposes. Besides there is so much chatter about second hand smoke causing damage, no one really knows the difference. I had a cousin, who never smoked a day in her life, who contracted emphysema; figure that out.

  8. Julimk said:

    No, you don’t need to get tested.

    As an applicant for insurance you are required to answer the questions on the proposal honestly, so if it asks ‘Have you smoked any tobacco products in the last 12 months’ or similar, the honest answer if you have had the odd cigarette is ‘yes’ though there should be a follow up question along the lines of ‘if yes how many?’.

    In practice the insurance company is likely to take your answer at face value. BUT if a claim is submitted, especially in the early years of the policy, they are likely to ask for a complete copy of your medical records.If you have ever told a health professional that you have ever smoked at all it is likely this is in your medical records (you can ask to see your medical records).

    If the insurer sees your medical records & they show you have smoked, however little, and you answered ‘no’ it will probably ‘avoid’ your policy, which means it will cancel the policy from the beginning & reject the claim.

  9. sony said:

    No need, but you have to state it at the beginning

  10. bebes said:

    As long as your shopping for health insurance…you should consider a discount healthcare program instead. My husband and I go that route, and it’s cheaper than paying for premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance costs. Check out the website the plans start at $19.95/mo per household.
    And they could care less if you smoke..:)

  11. aires69uk said:

    I have absolutely no idea but I would be very surprised if you didn’t get tested. Regardless of the fact that they may or may not test, if you say that you don’t smoke when you do have the occasional ciggy, then you are being untruthful and run the risk of your policy becoming void in the event of a claim.


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