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What kind of health insurance do you need for cosmetic dentistry?

Im thinking about getting veneers when I return home from my deployment, and tricare prime doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry. What kid of health insurance do I need to actually get the procedure done?

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9 Responses to “What kind of health insurance do you need for cosmetic dentistry?”

  1. Rose M said :

    I’ve never heard of any insurance that covers stuff that is only cosmetic.
    It would probably be easier to just save up to get it.

  2. Just Me said :

    dental and health insurance do not cover cosmetic procedures.

  3. S T E B O R K O L A said :

    You need cash not insurance in the USA. Insurance is for problems, not cosmetics.

  4. Solitary said :

    No insurance will cover cosmetic procedures. The only time an insurance may pay for it is, if your front teeth have a a major defect. Then the procedure should be pre-approved by the insurance by sending a pre-determination and narrative to the insurance. The dental office would have to do that for you.

    Tricare Prime is your medical coverage, United Concordia covers the dental portion. If you are active duty, you will not have United Concordia at this time.

  5. ANN C said :

    possess as much information as you could maybe is one of the options,however it is quite time consuming,here is the resource i have ever had good experience.

  6. Insurance Helper said :

    Optional procedures of any kind will not be covered by insurance. Cosmetic dentistry where the veneers are not needed as part of dental treatment will not be covered.

    Have you considered going south of the border? I have had procedures performed in Costa Rica and have been very satisfied. Dr. Kaver there is world-renowned, and works on all the “Miss Costa Ricas” for their cosmetic dentistry. There are also clinics in Nuevo Progreso, Tijuano and Matamoros in Mexico, although I cannot vouch for any of these from personal experience.

    There’s no getting around the fact that this will be more expensive in the States. But going international will cost 1/3 to 1/2 less.

  7. DONALD STEVENS said :

    Because your are in the military it may not make sense for you to take out an additional insurance policy. I am only aware of two plans you could use. Dental discount plans are not insurance but can get you a discounted rate for joining and using a dentist in the network. Also a self employed person can purchase a health savings plan or hsa which will not pay any benefits but will allow you to get your dental work done with pretax dollars. Not sure if that helps but they are options for people who have these plans.

  8. Benny said : – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

  9. bob and dolly k said :

    well you would need dental ins. but pretty much no one pays for cosmetic
    work. you will have to do that on your own.


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