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As a woman gets older(i’m 25 btw) is it better for her to get slimmer or just stay average?

I’ve been 140lbs since i was 16, measurements 36-24-36, but i’ve noticed that as a woman gets older some of them try to become thinner. I’ve wondered if this is for health reasons or just to look better? I did get down to 120lbs once but everyone said i looked ill. What do you men and women out there think? I’m just curious, what do you prefer, really slim or just curvy-average?

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7 Responses to “As a woman gets older(i’m 25 btw) is it better for her to get slimmer or just stay average?”

  1. boygirl said :

    stay average

  2. plum said :

    it depends because you cant make assumptions everyone has different reasons. However, a woman should keep fit for many reasons and one of them is personal appearance.

  3. granny.rose23 said :

    When you become pregnant, you tend to pick up some weight.
    After that delivery, most women are not their slender self and feel the need to reduce.
    Having the second one while your flab of the first pregnancy is still on you compounds the matter, so keeping a trim and slim look is always a good idea that will allow you more room for weight increase when you have kids.
    Naturally, not having to log about extra pounds helps to keep a general healthy body in tact.

  4. Divasue said :

    As they say you can have either a nice bum or a nice face as you get older, if you keep too slim as you age it shows badly on your face. Personally I think carrying a little weight works well specially after your 40 as a chubbier face tends to look more youthful

  5. DOT F said :

    stay average you do not want to be to thin your amune system gets weeker as you get older and you need leverage to fight off even the common cold

  6. Vickie L said :

    just try to keep healthy 🙂

  7. N said :

    its not nice being really thin….a woman is made of curves so just leave them as they r…thin women (no breasts,no bum,no hips – all 3 or 1 of them) are not nice at all. i was one week ill and i became very thin as i did not have any apetite during my illness…i could c that my bum was not looking as good in jeans as b4…it was horrible…so i started to eat again so i get to my normal self…ppl told me what happened to u? ur so thin? is something wrong? i hated it 🙁 now im back to myself 🙂


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