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Any juices of smoothies I can make myself to aid weight loss?

I have a tendency to snack but the other day I went to a juice bar and it filled me up so much I didn’t want to eat anymore! On the menu there was a juice that helped weight loss. So does anyone know the ingredients for a juice or smoothie I can make at home that would aid weight loss??? Thanks!!!

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8 Responses to “Any juices of smoothies I can make myself to aid weight loss?”

  1. Caroline said :

    go for celery with ginger, few calories and will fill you up.

  2. Ceaty-Munt said :

    Stay away from fruit- there is too much sugar and it will make you gain weight- try beetroot or carrot-add ginger to give it some flavour.
    Be warned- beetroot goes through you faster than a dodgy curry.
    Good luck

  3. hypno_toad1 said :

    Fruit is fine actually.
    Beets, have just as much sugar as any other fruit or vegetable. Sugar is in fact, often made from sugar beets.
    Lean protein such as fat free yogurt mixed in to your smoothies will help you feel full longer.
    The only time you want to avoid fruit, is on an Atkins type of diet. And I really don’t recommend that for long term weight loss.

  4. mr bigs said :

    drink peppermint tea-its great for reducing hunger,so you will eat less,then lose the weight as a result

  5. Beth H said :

    most fruit juices are simply the water and sugar removed from the fruit. no fibre to slow down the sugar absorbtion. That said, I find that juicing vegetables with a little fruit can be useful. I particularly love 1/4 beetroot with 1/2 apple, 1 stick of celery, a 1cm cube of ginger and 2 carrots.

    You can find juice mixes that will fill you up, however, always remember that sugar if not used up will turn into fat to be stored in your body, so be careful with that.

    Try to stick with juicing any salads or vegetables. Barley and wheatgrass are great to throw in, as is spirulina. Check the ingredients in the juice that is supposed to help you lose weight. While individually the ingredients may be good for you, as always, too much of a good thing can put the weight on!!

  6. pebs said :

    whatever you do either add ginseng or some energy booster

  7. elle said :

    Here are some of the recipes that I use. They are low calorie and taste great. Even the ones that contain dried fruit and nuts are very good for you, just don’t drink these particular ones everyday. Two times per week or at the weekends as a special treat would be fine.

    They are all from the Juice Master (Jason Vale)
    It may be useful buying some of his books. He has produced a wealth of amazing tasting juices and smoothies.

    Hope these help.

    Juice Master’s Fruity Zest

    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄4 pineapple
    1⁄2 inch slice lemon – unwaxed, with the rind on
    3 strawberries
    1 small handful raspberries
    1⁄2 banana
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the pineapple and lemon. Place the strawberries,
    raspberries and banana into the blender, add the juice
    and blend until smooth.

    Juice Master’s Morning Magic

    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄2 stick celery
    1 inch cucumber
    2 apples
    1⁄4 lime
    1⁄4 avocado
    1⁄2 teaspoon spirulina
    2 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the celery, cucumber, apples and lime. Place the flesh
    of the avocado, the spirulina and ice into the blender, add
    the juice and blend until smooth.

    Juice Master’s Rehydration Crush

    Juicy Ingredients
    2 mugs diced watermelon
    4 crushed ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Simply place ingredients into blender and blend until

    Juice Master’s Simply Canteloupe

    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄3 medium canteloupe melon
    1 small handful crushed ice
    Juicy Instructions
    Wash but DO NOT PEEL the melon. Juice with the skin on
    and pour over ice. Sounds simple but the taste is divine!

    Juice Master’s Simply Red

    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄4 pineapple
    1 apple
    1⁄4 inch slice lemon
    1⁄2 inch slice courgette
    1 inch slice red pepper
    1 inch chunk raw beetroot
    2 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice.

    Juice Master’s Muesli Smoothie

    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄4 pineapple
    2 apples
    3 strawberries
    1⁄2 banana
    2 tablespoons ‘live’ natural yoghurt – if vegan, replace with
    soya yoghurt
    1 small handful organic muesli
    3 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the pineapple and apple. Place the strawberries,
    banana, natural yoghurt, ice and muesli into the blender,
    add the juice and blend until smooth.

    The Juice Master’s 3-Seed Smoothie

    Juicy Ingredients
    3 tablespoons ‘live’ yoghurt – if vegan, replace with soya
    1 tablespoon 3-seed mix – obtain natural sunflower, pumpkin
    and sesame seeds from health shop or supermarket, and mix
    in equal proportions
    2 large oranges – peeled, but keep the white ‘pith’ on
    1⁄2 peeled banana
    1 teaspoon honey – Manuka or other ‘active’ honey
    Pinch of cinnamon
    6 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the oranges. Pour orange juice into blender with all
    other ingredients and blend until smooth.

    Juice Master’s Vanilla, Honey
    and Live Yoghurt Smoothie

    This tastes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!
    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄2 teaspoon honey – Manuka or similar ‘active’ honey
    1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla essence
    300g of ‘live’ yoghurt – if vegan, replace with soya yoghurt
    4 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Simply place all ingredients in blender, and whiz until

    Juice Master’s Totally Tropical Taste

    This gorgeous juice is a completely natural version of a popular
    soft drink. The ingredients are simple but the taste and texture
    are divine.
    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄2 small pineapple
    1 ruby grapefruit – peeled, but leave the pith on
    4oz of sparkling spring water
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the pineapple and grapefruit, add the water and
    pour over ice.

    JM’s Super Workout & Recovery Juice

    The late Dr Norman Walker, one of the world’s leading juice
    pioneers, was a great believer in this juice. He believed the
    combination was the perfect balance of sodium and potassium –
    two vital minerals that we lose while working out. The Super
    Workout Juice should be taken around 30 minutes before a
    workout and then at some point during the first hour afterwards.
    This juice helps with the aches and pains usually associated with
    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄4 small cucumber
    1 stick celery
    2 apples
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the lot and pour over ice.
    Juicy Tip:
    Make and put in flask and take to gym.
    After your workout, drink while relaxing in the sauna!

    Juice Master’s Iced Mango Crush

    Juicy Ingredients
    1 large ripe mango
    1⁄2 peeled pineapple
    1 lime
    1 cup of crushed ice
    Juicy Instructions
    De-stone and peel mango. Cut lime in half. Juice the
    pineapple. Add juice, mango flesh and crushed ice to
    blender. Squeeze lime juice over all and blend until

    Juice Master’s Athlete’s Elixir

    The best forms of carbohydrates on the planet are fruits and
    vegetables. Many athletes feel they need loads of pasta and
    bread before a major event, but having completed a triathlon
    myself with only the following juice inside me, I know first hand
    that nature knows best. I would suggest having this an hour
    before an event and then again afterwards.
    Juicy Ingredients
    2 apples
    1 stick of celery
    1 banana
    3 pitted dates
    1⁄2 teaspoon honey – Manuka or similar ‘active’ honey
    Juicy Ingredients
    Juice apples and celery and pour into blender with all
    other ingredients. Whiz until smooth.

    Juice Master Protein
    Power-House Smoothie

    Calling all weight-lifters and thin people – here’s a protein power
    smoothie designed to fill you out in all the right places.
    Juicy Ingredients
    4 almonds
    4 brazil nuts
    2 pitted dates
    2 bananas
    1 small handful sesame seeds
    1 handful blueberries – frozen or fresh
    300g ‘live’ natural yoghurt – if vegan, replace with soya yoghurt
    1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla essence
    8 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Simply put the whole lot in the blender and whiz until
    thick and smooth. This really is a meal in a glass.

    Juice Master’s ‘5 Portions
    in a Glass’ Smoothie

    We hear all the time that we must have 5 portions of fruits and veg a
    day, but how many of us actually get around to having them? I call
    this delicious smoothie ‘5 portions in a glass’, but as the official
    guidelines stand, no matter how many different combinations of
    fruit and veg you have, if it’s in the form of a juice it only ever counts
    as one portion. This clearly is nonsense but, hey, the law is the law.
    Anyway, if you have just one glass each day you will be getting more
    genuine nutrition than most people get in a month.
    Juicy Ingredients
    2 apples
    1⁄4 pineapple
    1 inch slice courgette
    1⁄2 avocado
    1 stick celery
    1 inch slice cucumber – diced
    1 lime
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice 11⁄2 of the apples along with the pineapple, celery and
    courgette. Dice the rest of the apple and place into blender
    along with diced cucumber and ice. Blend until thick and

    Juicy Tip:
    If this is too thick for you, add a little
    mineral water and blend again.

    Juice Master’s Kids’ Veggie Special

    Can’t get your kids to eat their veg? Well, ever thought about
    getting them to drink them? This is a way of mixing some highly
    nutritious vegetable juices with fruit so that the kids never know
    they are drinking live vegetable juice. Just don’t tell them what’s
    really in it!
    Juicy Ingredients
    1 small raw beetroot
    2 Apple – Golden Delicious or similar
    1⁄4 small pineapple
    1 stick celery
    1 small handful spinach
    1 inch slice cucumber
    Juicy Instructions
    Simply juice the lot and pour over ice! The beetroot will
    make this juice very red so you can tell the kids it’s some
    kind of berry juice – sometimes a little white lie can be for
    the good.

    Juice Master’s Salad Juice

    If the thought of eating salads is a bit much, ever thought of
    drinking them? Sounds a bit odd but don’t knock it till you’ve tried!
    Juicy Ingredients
    1 large handful rocket, watercress and spinach leaves
    1 small tomato
    1 inch slice cucumber
    3 medium carrots
    1 inch piece fresh ginger
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice everything and pour over ice.
    Juicy Tip:
    Make sure you pack the salad leaves into the chute of the
    juicer and then turn it on and push through slowly. If juicing
    with a masticating juicer, just juice with the machine on.

    Juice Master Chunky Funky Monkey

    A chocolate feel, with a banana and vanilla taste – gorgeous!
    Juicy Ingredients
    1 banana
    1⁄4 spoon vanilla essence
    1 teaspoon carob powder
    250g ‘live’ yoghurt – if vegan, replace with soya yoghurt
    6 almonds
    1 teaspoon honey – Manuka or other ‘active’ honey
    4 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Place everything in blender and whiz until smooth.

    Juice Master’s Summer Smoothie

    Juicy Ingredients
    8 fresh strawberries
    2 oranges – peeled but keep the pith on
    1⁄4 lemon
    4 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the oranges and lemon. Place the strawberries and
    ice into blender and pour in the juice. Blend until smooth.

    Cool as a Cucumber

    Cucumber is nature’s natural cooler and the juice is perfect for
    those hot summer days.
    Juicy Ingredients
    1⁄2 small cucumber
    1 stick celery
    1⁄4 medium pineapple
    2 ice cubes
    Juicy Instructions
    Juice the lot and pour over ice.

    Happy Juicing!
    I Hope these recipes really help you out.

  8. Outspoken but Honest said :

    Better to use veg as fruit has too much natural sugars


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