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Any comments on the Fat Loss 4 idiots diet?

I had a baby a year ago and I can’t seem to lose the weight. I’ve tried the South Beach Diet but it didn’t really work for me. I heard about this one and was wondering if anyone tried it and what the results were. I’d love to hear from people who actually tried it, negative and positive feedback, so if you’re just going to say “exercise and eat healthy” without having tried it, don’t post.

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2 Responses to “Any comments on the Fat Loss 4 idiots diet?”

  1. Sarah Barah!! :) said :

    PLEASE do not buy it, my friend tried it, and it is a SCAM. It is just like a cabbage soup diet.

    Okay, I’ll try,

    First of all, no starving yourself. Or using laxatives or making yourself throw up.

    Drink at least 8 cups (64 oz) of water a day. That’s 4 water bottles full.

    Eat 3 square meals a day, and have 2 small snacks. One between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner. That way you won’t be super hungry at meal time and pig out.

    Don’t drink anything other than water and milk (preferably skim)… juice has a TON of added and natural sugars. Especially not soda/soft drinks/pop or whatever you call it.

    No junk food… (this means candy, chips, fried foods, popcorn, etc…)

    Give up sugary foods. Desserts, pretty much. And sweet cereals and things like that.

    And, of course, exercising is good too. Don’t overdo it at first. If you’re not active, start with about 30 minutes of aerobic cardio exercise.

    Some good ways to exercise are:

    Raquetball. Since you’re running after a little ball, you don’t really have to think about the fact that you’re running, which can be really tiring. You just want to get to the ball. It’s GREAT exercise. Plus, it’s fun, even if you absolutely SUCK, like me.

    Running/ Jogging. Well, duh. great if you want to get rid of a stomach, and flabby legs.

    Swimming. Pretty much good all around. Plus, it doesn’t tear at your muscles like running, so you probably won’t be as sore the next day.

    Buy work-out videos. Yeah, okay. I know it sounds lame. But seriously, they work. And if you don’t feel like making a total fool of yourself in front of a class, but still need ideas of what to do, they’re great.

    Crunches. I’m not going to explain them. Hopefully you already know what they are.

    Pushups. Yes, I know most people think they’re just for arm muscles, but they really aren’t. If you do them, you’ll notice your abs getting really tight. If they’re too hard, try alternating, do one real pushup then one with your knees on the floor.

    Leg lifts- Pretty much what it sounds like. Lie flat on your back, then lift your legs back toward your stomach.

    Plies- Mostly work the leg muscles. Stand with your feet directly beneath your elbows and pretend to sit down. My old dance teacher made us do those until every single one of us was groaning. We all wanted to kill her, but, as a result, we had killer legs. Cheesy, right? I know. Forgive me. Bad habits are hard to kill.

    Levitation- Okay, not really. You sit upright, with your legs in front of you, then lean back like you’re going to lie down, but never let your back actually touch the ground. Then sit upright again. Remember to breathe.

    Pull ups- Again, pretty much what it sounds like. Stand upright, (don’t bend your back!) and pull your knee up as close to your stomach as you can. Pull your arms down as you lift your leg. Then alternate legs.

    Suicides- Pretty sure you already know what those are. Run from one spot to another, touch the ground and run back.

    Pretty much all I can think of at the moment. Hope I helped. Best of luck. : )

  2. hotels in Chiplun said :

    Well along with proper diet you need to follow some rules to get the better results


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