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Alternative or conventional medicine. What can help in the early stages of chronic lymphatic leukaemia?

Relative, early 40s, not living in UK. Diagnosed in March after tests for anaemia, fatigue, headaches. I have no more information than that but have been asked for help.
Thankyou Peter M and lo_mcg. You both talk sense and it’s surprising how many don’t read the question.
It will be difficult to choose and I wish you both well.

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8 Responses to “Alternative or conventional medicine. What can help in the early stages of chronic lymphatic leukaemia?”

  1. escapesouth said :

    Unfortunately fatigue and a weak immune system is the beginning of many common ailments, you will need to probably use both conventional and herbal or alternative medicines, conventional will be harsh to the body but there are many alternative and herbal supplements that will help the body maintain certain things such as ph balance, energy levels and help strengthen the immune system.

  2. Em said :

    I’ve had a look on the ‘what doctors don’ t tell you web site’, (link below) they have a forum which you may be able to find some more info, or post a question. Here are some articles pasted in which may or may not get you started


    my 82 year old mother has had CLL for over 20 years, and been monitored very closely by her local hospital. She is now on a very small (2.5) dose of a steriod which seems to keep her stable. However her platelets in the past have dipped as low as 2 so we know the seriousness of this condition. For the last 5 years she has drunk Aloe Vera Gel from Forever Living Products (0844 453 2024) and we have noticed a big difference, in that her immune system has certainly been boosted since she has not had a cold for almost 5 years. She also has more energy and stamina (for an 82 year old that has to be good news!) She also reports a feeling of “well being”.

    Hope this will help your husband.



    Better – and safer – than chemo
    Wrapping vitamin A inside bubbles of fat can reverse a rare leukaemia in up to a third of patients, claim researchers at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. As it uses a form of all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA), this novel therapy is licensed as Lipo-ATRA (Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2004)

  3. lo_mcg said :

    Alternative in this context is another way of saying ‘unproven’. If something has been proven to be effective it is no longer ‘alternative medicine’, it is just ‘medicine’.

    Wherever there’s cancer there’s a charlatan happy to part desperate and vulnerable people from their cash in exchange for ineffective and sometimes dangerous alternative treatments.

    Relying on any of these rather than on conventional treatment will almost certainly result in the untreated cancer becoming more advanced.

    I’d say conventional, evidence based medicine every time. If your relative is tempted by any particular alternative, I suggest they do a search on this site for some facts before investing money, hope and (most dangerous of all for a cancer patient) time:

    My best wishes to your relative.

  4. BSherman said :

    Follow the treatment plan developed by the oncologist. That is the best opportunity for a favorable outcome.

    “Alternative” treatments are only supplements to conventional therapies. Taking extra vitamins or herbal baths does not treat cancer.

    Best wishes for a good outcome.

  5. Protege' said :

    Vitamin D is a good anti cancer pill. 3 tablets of vitamin d3 daily. It will make you stronger and healthier.

  6. regina_rhead said :

    First of all I firmly believe that “Attitude, and a positive outlook on life is extremely important”. Now that I have said that, I also believe your diet is a key to wellness also, and lots of rest. Good luck sweet heart. The human spirit is stronger than we all know until it’s put to the test.

  7. Peter M said :

    lo_mcg, as usual, has the definitive answer. Please, please try to convince your relative to not waste very valuable treatment time on “alternative” treatments or “miracle cures”, the first is a scammers tool for making big money and the second is a pipe dream that doesn’t exist as well as another way of parting the desperate from their money. A reputable oncologist is the only and I mean only, real hope for a cancer sufferer.

  8. Suneetha said :


    I neither a doctor nor a patient , but if u believe in alternative medicines and if you have a little bit Patience , then check this alternative medicine which cures not only cancer and its types but many other diseases. Dont be skeptic , just check this read this and if you are satisfied then follow him .

    Thank you



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