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What medicine is available in UK for a bad cough ?

I recently moved to UK and had a bad cold when I came here, the cold passed but I still got a very bad cough with mucus (sorry for disgusting detail) that will not seem to go away.

What medicine should I take that I can find here in UK without a recipe ?
Next week I will go to the doctor but this one I can’t and I have to tak esomething !

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4 Responses to “What medicine is available in UK for a bad cough ?”

  1. Ian said :

    Go to any chemist and ask.

  2. Self Help Buddha said :

    My sister has just turned 18 and been out late clubbing a lot, so she has had a cold a lot recently. It always clears up within 5 days or so but she is left with a chesty cough, the one medicine she has found that helps is Robitussin. Supposed to help coughs with mucus, as it breaks it up.

    This link has some more information on Robitussin.

    And this link helps you diagnose your cough.

    Get better soon. x

  3. Sweaty said :

    Go see a chemist

  4. babylele said :


    honey in hot milk


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