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What herbal medicine could i take to help with osteoarthritis?

Which effects all of my joints and are inflamed.Thank You

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12 Responses to “What herbal medicine could i take to help with osteoarthritis?”

  1. Burt Bacharach said :


  2. Dr Frank said :

    I wish there were something better and less toxic than the current conventional therapies. Many doctors are quite unhappy about the use of NSAIDS, the standard pain killer/anti-inflamatories and the newer Cox2 drugs turned out to be disappointing, often with toxic effects on the heart. Many are uncertain of the risk/benefit ratio and less are being used.

    On the other side, in sero-positive arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, sometimes the toxicity of second-line drugs have been overestimated and they have been somewhat underused. Drugs like salazopyrin and even cyclosporin can be very useful.

    There is little evidence of any really useful herbal remedies. Cod liver oil supplements containing n-3 fatty acids can be used as NSAID-sparing agents in RA patients. There are a number of studies that suggest it may have a worthwhile effect.

  3. goin.back.2bed¦-} said :

    I have a Healing with Vitamins book and it suggests…..

    Folic Acid – 6,400 micrograms

    Niacinamide – 1,000-3,000 milligrams, taken as 2 or 3 divided doses

    Selenium – 200 micrograms

    Vit B12 – 20 micrograms

    Vit E – 400-600 international units (iu)

    Vit C – 1,000 milligrams

    However….This amount of Folic Acid should be taken only under medical supervision, as excess folic acid can actuallly mask signs of vit B12 deficiency.

    Large amounts of niacinamide can cause liver problems. Doses significantly above 100 milligrams a day require careful medical supervision. If you have liver disease, you should not use this treatment.

    The amount of selenium recommended here exceeds the daily value for this mineral. While some doctors consider this dosage to be safe, you may want to talk to your physician before taking supplements.

    If you are taking anticoagulant drugs, you should not take vit E supplements.

    I would talk to the pharmacist before taking any of the recommended supplements just to be sure.


  4. Anjali said :

    Unfortunately, this is the kind of condition which requires preventative measures to be most effective. The supplements posted above are quite useful, and another which may benefit you for maintenance of symptoms and also benefit others for preventing the symptoms to begin with: OATSTRAW. It’s the whole-plant form of oats (like your breakfast), and it works well to add calcium and other nutrients, and aids in reducing inflammation. It’s also great for over-excited nerves!

    To make this tasty infusion, you need:
    a 1-quart mason jar
    1 ounce of oatstraw (buy in bulk at natural food outlet or online)
    about 1 quart of boiling water

    Put the herb in the jar and add boiling water to cover. Stir a bit to ensure that the maximum amount of water can be added to fill the jar completely. Cap and steep for about 4 hours, then strain and enjoy warm with honey. It also combines nicely when cooled and mixed with fruit juices.

  5. andy r. said :

    You have mentioned all joints. Do you have the X-Ray reports? Are you overweight? There are a lot of questions to be answered before an accurate line of treatment is advised.

    However, you can start with Glucosamine and Chondroitin capsules. They are harmless diet supplements which help in regenerating the damaged cartilage of the joints.

    Most arthritic people suffer from stomach ailments classified in Ayurveda as Vata or wind. This has to be rectified by proper diet. Avoid sour foods, milk products. milk is ok, eat pineapple as it contains bromelaine which helps in osteoarthritis relief.

  6. Grela LaTuc said :

    The following have been found to help osteoarthritis.

    glucosamine sulfate
    topical capsaicin cream
    avocado/soybean unsaponifiables

  7. Roxy222uk said :

    Those supplements that have helped some people include:

    cats’ claw
    Devil’s claw
    willow bark

    If you want to try a herbal remedy you should chose one and give it six weeks to see if it is right for you. These remedies do not work in the same way as drugs and need time for the effect to build up. If you gain no benefit after six weeks this one isn’t right for you and you could try another one.

    Some people find they can control the problem with adjustments to their diet, you might want to see a nutritional therapist.

    I would also seriously consider acupuncture, I have had a lot of success with acupuncture for various conditions.


  8. Friends said :

    You can try Joint Mender.
    It’s natural and Ayurvedic medicine.
    Don’t worry about quality.

  9. Anoosha said :

    Have you tried Magnet Therapy? It’s really effective especially in your situation.. and don’t forget to exercise and get lots of direct sunlight..
    And taking a daily dose of fish oil and sea algae (chlorella & Spirulina) can reduce inflammation…There are a few minerals that are said to be low in Arthritis patients….Copper, Manganese, Boron, Magnesium.. Also herbs like ginger, Sage, Cat’s claw, Reishi Mushroom…and fruits like limes/lemons, pineapple, etc.

    You can buy “magnetic wraps” or “magnet wraps” online.
    Also google “Alkaline diet”, I’m sure you will find out more information on your body and it’s needs.

    Good Luck

  10. Fable said :

    I have read Glucosamine is very good, for more info see articles below (from a very respected website on alternative medicine, u can also type in osteoarthritis in search & look thru relevant results).
    Ginger is supposed to be good for the pain, but don’t buy the commercial ones but get it from ur local health shop. (or perhaps make ur own fresh one?) see 2nd link please.
    Hope this is helpful,

  11. Payner_20 said :

    There is a local shop where i live called indigo herbs of Glastonbury.

    A few things he sells is listed below:

    wheatgrass powder
    spirulina powder
    herbal powders
    incense burner

    The source below will take you tho the website where everything is broken down in to topics. e.g. womens health, mens health, Immune Boosting etc…

    Check the site out as it gives everything a description and they may have something that can help yup.

    Best of luck searching.

  12. robvegan said :

    One product which has a very good reputation and is taken by many people with Osteoarthritis is called Osteotrace. It is formulated by ARONHA (Arthritis, Rheumatism and Osteoporosis Natural Healthcare Association). The formulation contains a selection of herbs and minerals including Boron. Boron’s connection with relieving arthritis was first talked about by Dr. Rex Newnham a number of years ago and there has been much anecdotal evidence since. More information on the product and how to order etc. can be found on the following pages… and


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