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After major arthroscopic surgery how long until i can start running?

I had major arthroscopic surgery last july, where i had a piece of floating cartilage replaced, but also during the operation a piece of bone also came away from the knee joint, so the surgeons had to screw the piece of bone back on to the knee joint. I had the screws removed about 3 months ago, so i was just wondering if it would be ok to start jogging. I have done cycling, but not running. Should i give running a go?

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2 Responses to “After major arthroscopic surgery how long until i can start running?”

  1. boshnpecs said :

    Jake, If you can walk pain-free, you can probably start low-level jogging. It may be that you won’t do the distances you once did. Maybe you shouldn’t, in case you wear your knees too much. You can maintain your fitness with cycling, swimming and weight training.
    Good luck.

  2. Ericka Yeats said :

    Cómo se puede determinarlo?


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