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How long will it take until i start to get slimmer from running in the mornings?

Basically I’ve just started running in the mornings and wanted to no how long it will take for me to get slimmer from it. Also if anyone has any running tips for me feel free to add it.

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8 Responses to “How long will it take until i start to get slimmer from running in the mornings?”

  1. pittcch18 said :

    Depending on how fat you are, only a couple of years.

  2. crabbyone said :

    I think it’s impossible for someone to give youa timeline on when you will start to see results. It really depends on your body type, how your body reacts to running, what you’re eating/supplementing your workouts with, etc. There are so many factors. You might start to see results within two weeks, or it might take several months. I’d say though that if you’re eating well and running often enough, you should start to see some results within a few weeks.

  3. Robert M said :

    It OK to run, but if you are not watching your calorie intake it could be your just improving your heart and general fitness. However your not doing any harm to yourself just don’t forget to take fluids in the summer.

  4. razzmatazz64 said :

    Remember to start off slow and not to increase your distance too quickly. Get good running shoes. Drink water duhh.

    Stretch before and after.

  5. CrashFu said :

    It’s all about your intake, and if you are burning enough calories.

    It is critical that you don’t steeply reduce your caloric intake, but continue to eat a sensitive, balanced diet.

    Running will help tremendously, particularly if you are able to do Long Slow Distance. Fat loss actively occurs as your body consumes glucose, then glycogen.

    The real key is boosting your metabolism. Including other activities that work out other parts of your body will deliver faster results.

  6. Kristen K said :

    totally depends on your body type. but if you’re running for a decent amount of time each day, you’ll probably notice a little bit of weight drop after about a month. if you are consistent (running at least 4 times a week) and if you run long enough (at least 45 minutes each time), you will notice those changes and the changes will get more dramatic overtime.

    remember to take rest days (don’t run every day — the rest days are what allows your body to react to the exercise and show results). also, change up your plan. so, don’t just run 5 miles each time. run 5 one day, 8 another day, 4 another day, 10 another day. that will keep your body challenged.

  7. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    You burn perhaps 1000 calories an hour from running and 3 1/2 hours running will use the energy that is stored in 1lb of fat. If you ran for half an hour a day for a week then you would loose about 1lb in weight a week (of course, if everything else was even in your life and your weight was constant before the week started)

    It all depends on how long you are going to run for, and what you class as slimmer as how long it will take.

    Weight isnt the only criteria for being slimmer but its a benchmark most people go by, though you might mean the size round your waist that you want to measure, again simular the more you run the more you will get slimmer. Note that yuo will get slimmer all over and not loose size from specific areas by exercising them.

    Hope that gives you some help, but really, depends onwhat you class as slim and how much running you do.

    If you want to know any other tips then ask again about specific things and Ill try to post an answer

  8. flyingnut29 said :

    That is not really the best way to look at it. The best result from running is not how much weight one will lose. It is in how it makes us FEEL. Running makes us feel great as long as we don’t overdo it! Run an amount that when you’re done, you feel like you could’ve run more. What this does is makes us able and willing to come out the next day and run again. If you get too tired you will dislike the activity and what good does that do if we don’t do it again the next day?

    You evidently enjoy running since you are doing it. Enjoy it for the reward of increased circulation and health, and THEN the result of losing weight will come as a byproduct of excersize, NOT the PRIMARY purpose. It takes time; months. But you will like the results. So stick with it and enjoy running.


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