Why should I drink lots of water ?

Our bodies are ½ to ¾ water, therefore water is important for us to live and function properly. IF you don’t get enough water, it can affect every cell in your body and, in extreme dehydrations cases, it can kill you. Water is an absolute necessity and an average human can only life for about 3 days without any water at all.
Now, even if you aren’t drinking water, it is important to know that you do get some water from other sources, such as food, but not enough for your bodies needs. You get around 20% of the water your body needs from food, the other 80% should come from you drinking it.

There are several advantages to drinking more water. Some of these include:

Water helps you lose weight! Not only does it help you have regular bowl movements, but it also can fill up your stomach before a meal, so that you eat less. This can help you eat several smaller meals throughout the day, so that you keep your metabolism revved up.

Water helps you feel better! Water keeps you from being dehydrated and keeps every cell within your body functioning properly.

Signs that you need more water:

You pee is very dark in color. If you are getting enough water, it will be very light or even clear.
You have trouble going to the bathroom, whether it is because you don’t have the urge to pee or because you are constipated.

It is important to remember that you lose a lot of water throughout the day, just by living. You lose water when you breathe, sweat, and pee – and if you are overly active, you will lose more. So, drinking even more than the recommended eight ounces is important whenever you exercise or do any other vigorous activity.

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