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What’s a nice slogan about stopping smoking?

Nothing too long and fancy, please.
Just a simple one-liner would do.

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7 Responses to “What’s a nice slogan about stopping smoking?”

  1. Star <3 said :

    When you need a moment, don’t take a smoke, chew it over with Twix!

    :] HAHA

  2. deepak said :

    stop smoking breath life

  3. Leigh B said :

    So stoked with no smoke.

    lol, sorry its cr@p, first thing i thought of.

  4. Austin J said :

    Stop smoking and you’ll stop choking.

    That’s the best that I can think of lol.

  5. subconscious said :

    Live longer. Stay healthier. Enjoy life. QUIT SMOKING

  6. A- said :

    only you can prevent forest fires

  7. carloshatesu said :

    Cigarettes: when you just don’t have the time to wait for cancer.


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