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What kind of a pony can fit in a half of an acre or less?

I have always wanted a pony growing up. I dont have much of a yard and I have always seen these ponys in these small round pastures. So I was wondering what kinds of ponys fit in those small round pastures. What are the round pastures called because I dont know where to get them. Thank you.
I heard that a horse or pony can become good friends with a barn cat.

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8 Responses to “What kind of a pony can fit in a half of an acre or less?”

  1. Live2Ride said :

    round pastures? there are round pens…. but i’ve never seen a round pasture.

    in half an acre? no horse or pony can live comfortably outside in a half an acre or less. maybe a mini.

  2. Julie said :

    A shetland, welsh, or miniature horse should really have what is called a “drylot”. That means a small paddock with NO grass growing.

    These breeds are susceptible to a disease called “laminitis” which can be deadly. It’s often caused by too many carbohydrates, which grass is rich in. So these breeds should not be allowed to have much, if any, grass and are well-suited to life on half an acre. The small amount of land will limit their grass intake… however you will have to be careful and make sure that their small field doesn’t get too muddy, as they can get hoof conditions from the mud.

    However, ponies are herd animals and they need a companion to stay healthy. So you should get at least 2 ponies, so that way your pony doesn’t become lonely and depressed. Horses without companions sometimes get so lonely that they stop eating and drinking and they will starve to death… literally dying of loneliness.

    The “round pastures” you are thinking of are called roundpens. Ideally a horse should not live in one for 24 hours a day, they really need more space to move.

    ADD- no, a horse will not become good friends with a barn cat. One is a (very small) predator, the other is a prey animal. They need a herd-mate, and a cat will not fill that role.

    You could get a mule or donkey to be its herd mate, but another pony would be best. Some people use goats, llamas, or alpacas… but really you should just get another equine.

    Have you considered boarding? That is where you pay a fee (usually $150-$450 per month) to keep your horse at someone else’s farm. I think that would be the ideal situation for you… that way your horse will have constant companionship and more land to roam.

  3. jordan said :

    i would think a miniature horse.

  4. Sam said :

    i’d say a fell or mini anything really that is small enough a young child can ride but not necessarily an adult.

  5. midnight_ashes said :

    This kind, and ONLY this kind, of pony is perfect for you:

    Be sure to get it a friend

  6. fei.pony said :

    No pony can really live on half an acre or less. The general rule is an acre per horse over 12 hands tall. Horses and ponies are also herd animals and do not like to live alone. So the pony would need another pony, and half an acre would not be large enough for two ponies, who are eating and producing manure in the same place everyday. Not to mention they need room to run around.

  7. zephania666 said :

    Round pens are quite small. Perhaps you mean a corral? That can be larger.

    Any kind of pony will fit in half an acre, but they’ll be a lot happier and less expensive with more land and some grass. Ponies do not need dry lots, they love grass, but you have to watch for overeating. And, on half an acre, you’ll have to feed them everyday with expensive hay and maybe a little grain.

    Some horses like/tolerate the barn cats, but they’ll be happier with a companion a little closer to them, preferably another pony.

    Please don’t get a pony until you know how to care for it.

  8. snickers said :

    an imaginary pony could…okay sorry i just had to say that i don’t think any pony should he/she would ruin all the grass which concludes that it would cost you because you would have to give it two or three flakes of hay a day. horse quality hay which can be quite expensive and not only that he would be extremely unhappy. so i would say no horse or pony should sorry:(


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