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Are 12 year olds able to take any kind of slimming tablet?

i wanted to lose weight and i was hoping that if you knew any kind of slimming tablet that age 12 could use then id be very glad! P.S : if you know the answer to this question ans think that this question is pretty lame then please dont hassle yourself answering! i dont know anyway im 12!

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4 Responses to “Are 12 year olds able to take any kind of slimming tablet?”

  1. ******* said:

    your only 12, don’t do this

  2. Katie said:

    please you are too young if you want to lose weight then try and eat a balanced diet as well as doing exercxsie for a bout 1 hour 5 times a week..and don’t think about any tablets it’s bad for you and can lead you to many problems as you grom older

  3. Lollol said:

    ask a pharmacey or chemicst
    there are diffrent ages on all of them

    thats your best bet

  4. Shay shay said:

    slimming pills such as adios are for 16plus for a reason hun, if you start to take them then it will effect you becasue your body is not ready for such things yet.
    lose weight sensibly babe, i no its hard with all these telly adverts, but n=most of them dont work and when you lose the weight you can think to your self i did that by my self.
    good luck X


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