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What is the best slimming pill i can buy off the internet that will make me less hungry?

it cant be too expensive. thanks 🙂

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8 Responses to “What is the best slimming pill i can buy off the internet that will make me less hungry?”

  1. alizda174 said :

    honestly – there isn’t one

    tried loads – hoodia, pink patch, adios etc etc

    there is nothing better than good old fashioned will power, determination and exercise

    just wish i had the power to do it myself!!!!

  2. fit_chick said :

    SLIM SHOTS from walmart : ) $25

  3. james_attree_uk said :

    Take Apple cider Vinegar after each meal, it helps to speed up your metabolism.

    Also drinks lots of cold water.

    Sea Kelp also helps to speed up your metabolism.

    Japanese Natto is a great fat burner, but it smells like smelly socks!

  4. sissy said :

    best to work off the weight than pills!!Trust me…evrything comes back after u stop…

  5. pixiefeet said :

    Hi I have basically tried them all and nothing works there a waste of money, some make you feel really ill, so its not worth the risk, all you need to do is change your portion sizes and eat little and often and you will see the results, taking these tablets dont work and you mayswell use the money you are going to pay for them to treat yourself each week for loosing a few pounds.

    Dont starve your self, if you are hungry then eat but dont over eat.

  6. Norman J said :

    MOst of the time the best way to start is to keep your mouth closed and turned your head away from food, don’t you think?
    Will I think so. Why would you kept & keep eating food like it is going out of styl and expect to lose wait?? Well you will not
    so check your eating habits and you will see the change and
    get up and do a lot of walking. This will not be the only things
    but it will be a great start so starting doing this.

  7. meme said :

    I wish there was one. if you find out let me now.

  8. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    I believe that Mars make a tablet that stops you feeling hungary… chocolate outside, nugat inside…. helps you work rest and play

    Best way to stop feeling hungary is to eaty and drink (some hungar feelings are actualy a requirement for water), but you can exchange say, a chocolate bar for a carrot – something with fewer calories in than you would normally eat but eat the same amount


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