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What is the best medicine to help you sleep?

I need a different medicine to help me fall asleep. I tried melatonin but that medicine made me feel too groggy in the morning and I also tried Ambien CR, but it doesnt keep me asleep. I cant take any of the tylenol pm med either.
I live in an apartment, and the lady underneath me is sooo loud. I have tried my ipod, warm bath, relaxing….. I tried a natural sleep rememdy and it made me too tired in the morning! My dr gave me Ambien CR which isnt working right now. I was wondering what other medicines are out there that help. Then i will stop with medicine after i get a schedule!

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7 Responses to “What is the best medicine to help you sleep?”

  1. Randall said :

    Hard work and a clear consciense.

  2. ... someone special said :

    lay down and listen to your ipod with no other distractions it helps me fall asleep faster than medicine does

  3. Dick Grayson said :

    Nyquil. Or weed.

  4. lover..not a fighter said :

    warm milk. =]

  5. mea_004200 said :

    why medicine, I’m sure there are natural sleep remedies that are not additive. try relaxing and drink some sleepy time tea.
    Also maybe you need to exert more physical energy during the day so your body needs the sleep.

  6. ☮Jen D☮ said :

    First, I would talk to your upstairs neighbor. Second, call the building manager. Check the noise ordinances in your area, and the rules for your building. If you can’t get the management to do anything, call the police (on the non emergency line) and file a complaint.

    No one should have to drug themselves because of inconsiderate neighbors!

  7. lightspeed21 said :

    I’d go for chamomile tea, lemon balm tea or valerian tea. Each one of these calms the nervous system, thus inducing restful sleep.

    There is also this Evening Tea blend of lavender, lemon verbena, chamomile and peppermint herbs, among others.

    More info here:


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