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What is the best over the counter medicine for menstrual cramps?

I woke up this morning with horrible cramps! I’m going to drug mart later and I would like to know which medicine works best for menstrual cramps!

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8 Responses to “What is the best over the counter medicine for menstrual cramps?”

  1. Millie said :

    I like Midol

  2. Diana N said :

    i wud lyk to know too

  3. The Gangsta! Hahaha.....Fo REAAL said :

    Ever smoke weed from San Fierro?

  4. katiebaby7711 said :


    I swear by it! It’s amazing!
    They have lots of different types too…I use the one with blue around the box though.
    It helps with aches too! I think theres ones that help with bloating also.
    It helps so much, I wish I had some right now haha

    My sister and mom use it for other stuff too..just for regular aches, not even when they are on their cycle! It’s great stuff!

  5. Lynn said :

    Midol works really well for me. But be warned the daytime pills has caffeine and if you take them too late you might be awake all night.

  6. Maya said :

    depends on your country about wat drugs are avilable. if your uk or aus, naprogesic (drug naproxen sodium) is the most common and pretty effective. other wise the other is ponstan (menferic acid) if it makes you feel sick stop taking it. some women also like just basic ibuprofen.

  7. kwakagirl said :

    I always used to swear by Naprogesic. However I had a baby 15 months ago and as I am still breastfeeding I am only allowed to take panadol so since my period came back 4 months ago I have had to rely on panadol.

    Now I swear by panadol and will never buy naprogesic again. Considering that periods are only meant to get worse after childbirth mine have been positively mild in comparison to the ones I had pre-pregnancy and all I’ve had is panadol. So give it a go!

    I also love my hot wheat bag cuddled up to my tummy and a packet of tim tams 🙂

  8. july said :

    Naproxen sodium, brand name “Aleve.”

    In the 1980’s, naproxen sodium was prescription-only and was called “the magic blue pill” by healthcare providers. It was, and still is, the best nonprescription menstrual pain reliever.

    Naproxen sodium inhibits prostaglandin release. Prostaglandins can be responsible for menstrual pain

    Midol can contain pain relievers (such as ibuprofen) which inhibit prostaglandin release, but in my personal experience naproxen sodium works much better.


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