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What is considered a healthy breakfast? Any suggestions for a fast and easy breakfast that is healthy?

Something that is fast, easy, tasty and a good healthy start of the day. Keep in mind that I am a buys college student. I have a full time schedule at school and work so I don’t have a lot of time for preparation.

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5 Responses to “What is considered a healthy breakfast? Any suggestions for a fast and easy breakfast that is healthy?”

  1. Paige F said :

    something with protein and a complex carb.

    Examples: peanut butter on whole wheat toast

    Eggs on whole wheat English muffin

    Granola in skim milk

    the protein helps the body slow down the breaking of the ccomplex carbs and the carbs give you energy soo its beneficial for full energy and stamina

  2. Mia Lynn said :

    Protein is always healthy for the morning.

    Oatmeal is very filling. I eat breakfast at 7am and I never get hungry until 2pm!

    Other good choices:

    Egg sandwich on whole wheat bread
    a glass of skim milk
    an apple

    A chicken taco (what i had this morning lol) on whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce and tomato
    any piece of fruit you like

    A bowl of kashi cereal with skim milk
    again any fruit you like

    Breakfast should be your biggest consumption of calories out of the whole day. Then decreasing by lunch and dinner.

    but pleeeeeeeeeease stay away from the muffins, danishes, pastries, etc. because they have no health benefit (well…maybe a bran muffin)

  3. someone said :

    fresh fruit, yougurt with some granola in it, if you have time eggs, a wheat bagel with a lite cream cheese stuff like that

  4. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    A large bowl of muesli is very healthy.

  5. ekams08 said :

    Oatmeal, flaxseed, blueberries & almonds are pretty quick and easy. Also Kashi Golean Crunch is incredibly healthy, but never really fills me up. You could also try some fresh fruit.

    Usually when I am in a rush a protein shake is my go to. Its easy to make, its healthy, and it substitutes a meal.

    If you have some time to prepare you can try egg whites because they are alot healthier without the fat in the yolk, plus they taste pretty much the sam.


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