What are fat cells and how do they work depending on how much you eat?

I never understood but my dad told me your fat cells shrink but they can’t go away when you get healthier. He said once you have them you have them forever. What do fat cells do anyway? and is it better to have bigger or smaller fat cells? why? I don ‘t really know anything about them and how they work. What are they bassically and how do they effect us? Pretty much…. What are fat cells?

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5 Responses to “What are fat cells and how do they work depending on how much you eat?”

  1. ani said:

    go grab an A&P book. or jsut your dad.

    you really need to start at the basics.

    everything daddy has told is true so far.

  2. Chris G said:

    adipose tissue….wikipedia it…

  3. bunnyhopn said:

    Once your body creates a fat cell it’s there for good. When you lose weight, you are shrinking your fat cells. That’s why people who lose weight can gain it back so quickly, because the fat cells don’t go away.

  4. Nicolas A said:

    Ok fat cells are formed from the calories in your food, the more you eat the more cals that make more fat cells its bad because they smoosh your organs like if you are in like a big room with alot of ppl and thats how ur organs feel. if u get to much fat ur organs get to smooshed and they stop working,

  5. cfunkera16 said:

    Everyone has fat cells. They store fat (go figure). When you consume excess fat, the fat gets stored in these cells. This is a common misconseption. A 50lb man and a 500lb man have the same number of fat cells-they just shrink and swell. So to answer your question, smaller fat cells are healthier, because you have less fat. But don’t try to get rid of your fat. although too much fat can cause health issues, fat is vital to life. Fat is what provides you with energy and stores vitamins when you’re not using them. Hope that answers your question!


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