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My eye has popped out – How do i put it back in – No Medical Insurance?

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6 Responses to “My eye has popped out – How do i put it back in – No Medical Insurance?”

  1. cynica said :

    Push it back in.

  2. chickybabe said :

    well done… id just push it in;… no i joke.

  3. suefitz77 said :

    Are you serious…

  4. anchit said :

    you are propably suffering from a condition known as exopthalmosis(cant confirm without having a look at u).this condition is associated with thyrotoxicosis(primary) a pathology of thyroid gland charecterised by excessive secretion of thyroxine.if u have a lower neck swelling in the midline(butterfly shaped),suffering from insomnia,getting tremors in outstretched hands,are of nervous disposition,and are frequently irritable ur symptoms perfectly match.also do u get palpitations,frequently breathless or pain in chest.if its really thyrotoxicosis u cant avoid doctor as this requires medical intervention.
    even if its simple protrusion of one eyeball u still need to see an opthalmologist as it could be a lid retraction.
    if u can be a little bit more clear abt ur history(trauma,headache,vomiting,any bleeding disorder)i might be able to help care

  5. Pickles said :

    you must seek medical help

  6. Stephen A said :

    Are you stupid!Go to hospital!I cant believe you thought oh I will just wait and ask on yahoo need medical attention!


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