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Joining the gym for my new years resolution?

I am joining the gym as my new years resolution to gain serious muscle bulk. I weigh a measly 150lbs so my goal is to gain 25 pounds at least.
I would like to know some of the essential equipment and supplements that are good for skinny muscle builders. And any other information for a gym beginner would be much appreciated

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2 Responses to “Joining the gym for my new years resolution?”

  1. Shannon C said :

    i would recommend weight lifting and low intensity cardio- like stationary bike or walking on treadmill. try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week if able. lift moderate to heavy weights for each body part your exercising. For example- one day legs- do 4 different leg exercises like squats, leg extension, leg curls for hamstrings and leg press. do each exercise for 4 reps each rep 8-12 times. if you can barely do 8 that’s good. if you can easily do 12 increase weight. you will also want to increase how much you eat calorically. But keep in mind you want to eat healthy things not junk food to increase calorie intake. Good luck.

  2. Puffy Cow said :

    I know alot of body builders who take creatine, but if you don’t do enough cardio, you’ll get bloated instead of muscular. My advice is just eat alot of lean protein (maybe 50% of your diet), and do alot of circuit training (where you go high reps with little rest time in between). This will act both as a “cardio” workout (since you don’t rest, your heart rate stays up), and as a weight training to build your muscles. If you are in the bay area and looking for a gym, I’ve been reccomending the site for people to find a good gym to fit their taste.


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